5 tips to safely Pandal Hop during Durga Puja Amidst Covid19

5 tips to safely Pandal Hop during Durga Puja Amidst Covid19

5 tips to safely Pandal Hop during Durga Puja Amidst Covid19

Covid19 has been literally taking a toll on us! And it seems like it is been there since forever. Now that its October, even Durga Ouja is just at the doorsteps, but things seem so gloomy this time. That excitement for pandal hopping, standing for long hours in the queue to get the visit of Durga Mata, all seems to get faded this time for the Covid19 pandemic. But then, for   Bengalis, as Durga Puja is THE MAIN festival, many places are conducting the puja this time with utmost precaution and maintaining all regulations with respect to Covid19 guidelines. But then again the question lies whether it is really safe to go out for pandal hops this time? Here in this blog, I will be sharing with you a few guidelines keeping the Covid19 pandemic in mind which is a must to follow if you are going out for pandal hop. Let’s check out what are those:

Mask is your best friend:

Yes, you read it right, masking is the new normal now whenever you try to step out of your home. Now that for pandal hopping, there is much likely to be a little gathering, it is preferable that you wear N95 masks which stands out to be the safest to provide you protection from the virus.

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Carry Hand Sanitizer:

Carry a leak-proof hand sanitizer in your purse; more preferably carry a sanitizer which comes in a spray bottle so that before you have to touch any surface, you can spray that area with the sanitizer and thereby touch. But yes before buying a sanitizer make sure you read the label thoroughly so as to ensure that the sanitizer you are using is actually effective against the virus.

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Social Distancing is the Key:

Though the pandals this time are instructed to maintain social distancing amongst the visitors, remember it is also your responsibility to keep the same in mind and maintain at least one hand distance from the person next to you to be safe.

Prefer avoiding Public Transport:

I am not asking you to take a private cab always, but I am asking you to avoid public transport. Best is to walk and do the pandal hopping, at least for the nearby ones. But yes for the far off once, it is most preferred to book a private vehicle that is well sanitized and everything. This is most preferred as public transports are most likely to have a crowd of people which is best to avoid during this time.

Wash your Hands Thoroughly once you are Back Home:

20 seconds hand wash with a soap timeline still stands to be the most effective way to prevent the virus from affecting you. So once you are back from outside, the first thing that you need to do is wash your hands with soap. And also do remember when you are outside, do not touch your nose or eyes or as a whole face before washing hands.

So yes, these are the ways in which you can take the maximum protection as well as do pandal hopping. Hope this helps!


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