Are You Taking Care of These Parts of Body?

 Are You Taking Care of These Parts of Body?

We all girls more or less do love skincare or makeup to some extent. But there are something that we quite often miss out on, do you know what are those? Have you thought about how much attention you pay to your neck, or nail, or even teeth for that matter? Many of us do take care of nails by means of manicure, but is that enough? And what about neck or teeth or even knees for that matter? Next time when you see yourself in the mirror, do notice these neglected parts, and ask yourself, do you give them that enough attention as required? If your answer is yes that’s a BINGO! But then if it’s a no, then probably you aren’t doing the right thing to yourself. It might not matter a lot in the initial stages of life, but then later on you will definitely realize that maybe a little attention to the neck area or nails or teeth or even your knees might have worked well. Of course, it is never late, to begin with, anything, and especially when it comes to taking care of yourself, every time is a good time!! So let’s begin with the basic or rather the homely ways in which you can take real care of these parts of yourself, which will pay you off in the long run. Let’s see how:

Tooth Care: 

If you don’t take the right care of tooth, when you reach you 60s or even 50s rather, you will understand the blunder you did. By taking care of teeth, I am not really asking you to pay a visit to the dentist every now and then, rather get a dental floss, that helps to a great extent. Do brush your teeth twice every day, you will feel the difference. Once in awhile do deep cleaning of teeth. How is that? Take some activated charcoal powder, mix it with coconut oil (edible grade) and rub on your teeth, it will give you shine and also keep mouth odor at bay! 


What the majority of us do is we neglect taking care of the neck in the way we do for our faces. This gives rise to a different texture of the skin in and around the neck and even gives rise to a difference in complexion. It looks horrible when your face is bright and all but you have a dull neck. So is a request, do take care of your neck so that you can flaunt it in all-natural ways. How to do that? Do scrub the neck with a coffee-based scrub and also apply that same pack that you apply to your face. If you get neck acne, do pay attention to them the same way you do for face acne, as once neglected, they can leave really bad marks on your neck.

Knee and Elbows and Underarms: 

That short dress or pants might look really fantastic on you, but what about your knees? They will be a complete game spoiler if you have really dark knees. The same applies to elbows. Or even that sleeveless dress, you can easily and comfortably flaunt that if your underarms aren’t dark and smelly. Isn’t it? For elbow and knees, so scrub them weekly at least once with lemon and sugar DIY scrub and apply a nice moisturizer. Yes, just this much will be a super savior. Coming to underarms, clean them whenever you come from outside. Use a natural deodorant and also weekly once clean the underarms and apply a pack to keep odour as well as discoloration away.

Nail Care: 

Regular usage of a cuticle cream for nails will pay off in the longer run. It will help prevent nail breakage, prevent nails from becoming yellow. Manicure definitely helps, but regular little attention will take you a long way!!

Now that I have made you open your eyes about these super neglected parts, don’t waste any further time and start taking care of them super soon!!

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