Top 4 Liquid Detergent for Top Load Washing Machines:



You know, now with the numerous options available for any single product that you wanna buy, it becomes so difficult. And moreover, if you are new to that particular product, then I swear, gone case!! HAHA. Even look at the liquid detergent segment, even in that there are so many options available claiming so many different things, that a person is bound to get confused, isn’t it? Wait, I have here a solution for you!! I have come up with my personal recommendation of liquid detergents that I have been using for quite some time now and what my thoughts are on them. Let us see what are those. But before going to that, I would definitely recommend you all, that if you are still using the detergent powder for your washing machine, please shift to liquid detergent, it\'s really good for the health of the machine as well as your clothes. I agree liquid detergents are a bit on the expensive side as compared to powdered detergents, but that difference in money pays you off in the long run.

Now coming to the point, let us check out which detergents I like and why:

Surf excel Matic top load liquid detergent:

Surf excel is that brand that was like all there in the market with their soap bars, detergent powders, and almost everything related to detergent. Now that they have come up with liquid detergent, it is extremely good for regular usage. Two full caps of the detergent are well sufficient for a 6.5kg washing machine, fully loaded. The best part is super budget-friendly, and also it comes with a refill pouch which is super-duper cost-saving.

Available here

Ariel Matic liquid detergent:

A little on the expensive side, but it is the perfect fit for your little expensive clothes as it is mild, but having said that, it is also at the same time super-effective in cleaning clothes. I have been using it occasionally for good clothes and that works excellently!! Two full caps of the detergent are well sufficient for a 6.5kg washing machine, fully loaded.

Available here

Ezee liquid detergent:

For woolen garments, blindly go for this one!! This has been there in the market since ever and is super effective in retaining the elasticity of woolen garments and at the same time cleaning them well. For this one, you would require 3 caps of the detergent for a 6.5kg fully loaded washing machine.

Available here

Safewash liquid detergent: 

Now coming to this one, this one works similarly for regular clothes like Surf Excel but is a little milder and a bit more expensive than surf excel. So if only you are running out of options or getting this one at a good deal, then go for this one, else the rest mentioned above are well fit for all your requirements.

Available here

Hope I was able to help you out in removing your confusion regarding detergents to at least some extent now. Do let me know in the comment section below what type of recommendation you want to see more of!


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