7 Types and Benefits of Facial Massage Tools

A good facial massage is as relaxing as a sap right? And not just it is relaxing, a proper facial massage keeps the skin’s firmness intact, improves blood circulation, and in turn, gets you the glow in the face. Of course, you can go to parlors for a nice facial massage, but it becomes heavy on the pocket right? So to make it easy, a number of brands have come up with different types of facial massaging tools by which you can get that exact same parlor like feel and effect at a minimum cost. Starting from facial rollers to bars, there is a number of options at your disposal which are worth your one-time investment, just the one is that you need to know the right ways to use them and the proper technique to make the best out of it. So now that I am sure you are already planning to get a massaging tool, let me give you a brief overview of what is the purpose of each individual tool.

Jade Roller:

These are a stone rolling device that has been there in the traditional skincare game for quite a long time. Their smooth rolling effect provides good absorption of facial oils or any other skincare ingredients when used after the application of the same. Due to their rolling effect, they target to reduce puffiness as well as inflammation.  

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Gua Sha:

Gua sha is basically a modified alternative for jade roller which doesn’t have the rolling effect but almost acts similarly. More specifically, it acts well along with contour areas and helps in skin formation and get that healthy glow and firm look. If used effectively, for around 30 minutes, gua sha is know to give you visibly healthy skin with regular usage.

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Ice Roller:

If you have excessive open pores on your face, this one is for you! This one tightens pores, smoothens skin, and can be used anytime to revitalize the skin. It has a water and gel-filled rolling head that can be effectively frozen and used. It can be also used to reduce redness and irritation.

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Derma Roller: 

It is a tool that has a rolling head with numerous microneedles which when used improves the effectiveness and absorption of skincare products. Regular usage of this one also reduces hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. Also, this one stimulates skin regeneration and helps in skin regrowth. But the if you are one with sensitive skin or active acne, you are advised to avoid this one.

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This one has smooth dual end balls which provide an intense treatment along the natural contour zones and is great for targeting jawline areas. It rolls well over jaw bone and ideal to be used at night. It is best when used after refrigerating to get that perfect cooling sensation and get a nice tightening feeling.

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Sculpting Bar:

This one knows for kneading the skin and acts similar to a facialist’s knuckle to give you a facial lift at home. It works best when used over skin with a serum applied on it to add the plumpness to face.

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Generally a silicon mold, this one helps remove in the removal of oil, dirt, residual makeup (if any), and dead cells from the face and makes that deep cleaning easy. Also, it exfoliates the skin and thereby is a better option than harsh physical scrubbers. 

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The only catch in using any facial massager is that you need to know the actual technique to use them, when and how to do that, and which one addresses what concern. Once you are well aware of all these, these tools are the best things to incorporate into your skincare regime!