Things You Need To Stop Buying Right Now!!!

 Things You Need to Stop Buying Right Now!!!

This 2020 has been a real eye-opener for all of us, right? It taught all of us life is not about materialistic things, it is all about our family and near and dear ones who are most important to us. It made us realize we buy too many things, and many a time those are not even that needed or necessary. Similarly, if you look into your self where you store your skincare goodies, I am sure there are some things or others which you simply bought, maybe because of the trend or maybe because of those advertisement gimmicks. 

So this article today is gonna be an eye-opener for all of you out there where I am going bring in front of you 10 such things which you really do not need in your life and should stop buying, RIGHT NOW!!! And it is not only gonna save your money, but it will also reduce the amount of trash you generate for the environment. So let's figure out what are those:

Sheet Masks:

There was like a huge craze in the market for the sheet masks and then so many brands came up one after another manufacturing sheet masks. And imagine, for just one time hydration, you pay more or less around Rs. 100/- and also when you throw the sheet mask, and its outer packaging, it is a waste for the environment. And it is every single time you use that, isn’t it? Trust me, a good hydrating serum does absolutely the same job, is a much economical alternative as you can use that one serum multiple times and also less trash on the environment!

Lip Sheet Mask:

Very similarly conceptualized as a sheet mask, but this one is meant for only lips. But trust me, a good hydrating lip balm does exactly the same work, rather in a much better way than those fancy lip sheet masks.

Makeup Removing Balm or Wipes:

A good bottle of olive oil or any nice facial oil is well capable enough to remove your makeup if you a less makeup person. Now if you wear heavy makeup, micellar water is good enough to remove makeup. For that, you don’t really need makeup removing wipes.

Morning and Night Different Face Washes:

A face wash which works for you in the morning will also work well for you at the night, just think about it!! So now if you have two different sets of face washes, isn’t it high time to stop purchasing them?

Nail-paint Removing Wipes: 

Any wipe for that matter is just a one-time usage and a lot of trash to the environment, right? Similar is the case with nail paint removing wipes. Instead, a good nail paint remover is a more sustainable option for you as well as the environment.

Multiple Lip Gloss:

What is the ultimate aim of any gloss? Adding a shine and gloss to lips to your lips right? So why not be satisfied with just one good gloss than buying multiple ones and stocking them unnecessarily?

Lip Tints:

Many a time, the lip tint you buy isn’t even hydrating enough like that a tinted lip balm would do. So why not get a tinted lip balm rather than buying a separate lip balm and separate lip tint?

Under-eye Cream:

Okay, for me honestly, home made DIY-s like cucumber juice or potato juice works way better than a costly under eye cream. And also, if your target is to reduce dark circles, first find out what actually is the reason for those dark circles, and then only, if required invest in an eye cream.


The lipstick you have are fairly good enough to be used as a cream blush, ever thought about it? If not, now start thinking and gradually stop buying blush as that is just one extra product in your vanity.

Pore Closing Balms: 

Do you think your pores are like doors that will open and close? Absolutely not!! So don’t get swayed away by the advertisements and buy a so-called pore closing balm as that’s of no use!

Hope now you can actually think before getting any product and just before buying it, ask yourself, “do I really need it or is that really gonna be of any help to me?”.

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