All That You Need to Know About Sheet Masks

All That You Need to Know About Sheet Masks

The sheet mask is something that almost every beauty brand is coming up with. Every other day there is some new variant, some new specification of sheet mask launching in the market. And wait, not just that, there are so many lucrative offers on sheet masks every other day like buy one get one, buy 5 get 5 for free, and much more! But do you know what actually is a sheet mask? Are they really beneficial? Is it worth the purchase? Let us get all these addressed today, because why not!

What actually is a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are basically thin sheets made of cotton, fiber, or cellulose which are dipped in hydrating agents which are some of the other variety of serum. Sheet masks are shaped such that they take the shape of the face. You need to just apply the sheet mask on your face, keep it for 15-20 minutes and then take it off. Thereafter you can massage your face for the deep penetration of the serum from the mask and get the utmost benefit out of it. The sheet masks you get in the market are generally of Rs. 50-100 each and is meant for one-time usage, thus making it convenient, fast, and easy to use.

Do you really need a sheet mask in your beauty regime?

The answer is yes and no both. 

Why yes? They provide a great amount of hydration to the skin. Now that there are different types of sheet masks to address various concerns and also for different skin types, it's even easier to pick the right one for yourself ad get the best out of it. Do remember, do not wash off your face after you have taken off a sheet mask, let the serum penetrate in your skin, and work its best.

Why no? If you look from the price point of view, it is not much worth it because for one-time usage you have to pay a minimum of Rs. 50. If you get a whole bottle of your preferred serum and use it on a daily basis, that will form effective both cost-wise and effect-wise. So the point here is that if you are prepared enough to spend a lot on everyday sheet masking, then it's, of course, something to go for, else it isn’t much of worth as there are much better other options which do the same job.

Can you make a sheet mask for yourself?

Yes, very much! You get to buy dry sheet masks from the market, at a very very cheap cost (approximately Rs. 5 per dry mask). You need to get those from the market and then use your favorite serum to dip the masks into it. For extra hydration, you can even mix your serum with aloe vera gel (if that suits your skin) and then dip the masks into it and apply. Yes, just at Rs. 10 to 15 you get your ready to use sheet mask done by yourself with the exact same effect and feel like that of s store-bought sheet mask.

What are the pros and cons of a sheet mask?


  • Sheet masks give a great relaxing feeling along with an immense amount of hydration
  • It is very convenient and easy to use
  • If you are a regular sheet mask user, it will boost your skin quality


  • They are expensive as compared to other options which function the same way
  • The majority of the sheet masks are non-biodegradable and thereby a burden on the environment
  • One time usage of a sheet mask won't do much benefit to the skin

Now that we have discussed in detail about sheet masks, it's you call whether you want to use a sheet mask or opt for other options.

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