5 Most Important Ingredients To Look For in a Herbal Body Lotion in Winter

5 Most Important Ingredients To Look For in a Herbal Body Lotion in Winter 

5 Most Important Ingredients To Look For in a Herbal Body Lotion in Winter

Winter is here!! Did it sound in Jon Snow's tone? LOL! Or did it get stuck in your skin amongst the dry flaky winter skin? Now that the cold weather has already started hitting us hard, I am sure all of your skin must have started loosing out moisture and getting dry and all flaky, and that’s when you must have started searching for a good body lotion, right? The right moisturizing lotion is a bae for winters. But then how to decide what is right and what not? Of course, a herbal and Ayurvedic lotion is something to look for, but then with the market being flooded with tons of lotions, which is a good pick? 

Now, what are all ingredients to look for in the body lotion?  To address all these doubts I have here listed down some of the most important ingredients to look for in a herbal body lotion to get moisturization along with glowing skin. Let’s look into the ingredients which are a must to look for:

Hyaluronic Acid

Though I know that ‘acid’ might sound scary, this is one of the best thing to look for in a moisturizer. It is that ingredient that helps in giving the hydrating effect, keeps collagen and elastin moist and functioning, and therefore helps skin look supple and youthful. It also goes well for almost all skin types and is one of the best things which is lightweight and non-oily. The right moisturization and hydration is the combo which this miracle ingredient will provide you with its presence.


Glycerine is also something that absorbs water and thus helps in giving the right amount of hydration. The presence of glycerine increases hydration way more than any lotion without glycerine. So basically, a moisturizer with 20% glycerine is something to look for to get the right amount of hydration.


Antioxidants are something whose presence in a herbal moisturizer makes it super attractive as antioxidants are those gems which help to reduce cell damage, reduce wrinkles, and fight back against free radicals. Green tea, grape seed, vitamin C are some of the ingredients which provide the antioxidant property in a moisturizing body lotion. Their presence will make your skin not only moisturized or hydrated but also make it look healthy and fresh. So, if you want glowing skin this winter, you can also check this ingredient in your herbal body lotion.

Fatty acids

Omega 3, omega 6 are some of those fatty acids which are amazing for the skin. Look for avocado oil, flaxseed oil, cottonseed oil, or safflower oil as a fatty acid content in the moisturizer to get that rich hydrated feel along with soft and supple skin

Vitamin E

That glow in the skin is what we all crave for right? And how about the presence of an ingredient in your daily moisturizer to give you that effect? If that is what you want, look for the presence of Vitamin E in your moisturizer as it is extremely helpful in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and thereby giving it a natural glow.

Now, the next time you try to choose a moisturizing lotion, just make sure just the tag “herbal” or “ayurvedic” isn’t sufficient enough to get that one, look into the ingredient list and tick off your checklist and proceed!

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