Winter Skincare with Herbal Body Lotion


Winter Skincare with Herbal Body Lotion

The cold temperature affects our skin. Of course, winter is much pleasant as compared to other weather but it has side effects too! This is the time when our skin goes through a really rough phase due to the dryness and itchy effect. It is that phase when the skin demands an extra amount of hydration and pampering. That is when you should start looking for a good and moisturizing herbal body lotion that will not only give the right amount of hydration and moisture but also give you glowing and healthy-looking skin even in the cold winters. Now the question is, what kind of herbal body lotion should you actually look for? The answer is the one with a good amount of hydration, nourishment and also which isn’t heavy on the budget. Now with the market being flooded with loads of moisturizers claiming the same, it's utterly confusing which one to get hands-on. Now with a lot of exploration, I have come across this herbal body lotion which not only gives a very good amount of hydration but also is super affordable and is with a great ingredient: Turmeric, which helps in getting glowing skin. I am talking about VICCO Herbal Body lotion. It is an oil-based turmeric cream. 

Before going to the details of the product, let me tell you VICCO is an age-old brand, established in the year 1952 and is doing well in the market since then with its wide range of herbal and ayurvedic products ranging from toothpaste to shaving cream and now the body lotion.

This moisturizer is an oil-based one but after applying it is not at all sticky.  It is a blend of ayurvedic formulations with turmeric, which has high medicinal value. It does not just help in a good amount of hydration and moisturization that your skin craves during these winters, but also with its medicinal properties, turmeric helps in dealing with itchy skin or rashes and helps you with naturally glowing skin. It not just really moisturizes the skin, rather it heals it making it soft and smooth. VICCO Herbal Body lotion is a good choice for daily skin moisturization as well as more suitable in winter too.

And guess the best part? It is super affordable! Getting such an affordable yet great product from an Indian brand is something to definitely grab for right? VICCO being a very well known brand, you can also get this moisturizing herbal body lotion in various stores near you and can even find this online.

This moisturizer comes in four different sizes, one of the 100gm being the travel-friendly size. It thus makes it convenient for you to try it once before you get into the bigger bottles of the product.

Just one point to be noted is that beings an oil-based formulation it might not suit you if you have extremely oily skin, but at the same time, if you have oily but acne-prone skin, this can be of help as turmeric is the star ingredient of the product helps combat acne to a great extent!!

So, now I hope this winter you can end your search for an ayurvedic body lotion to get glowing skin here itself and give this beauty a try!!

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