Simple Ways to Take Care Of Your Delayed Period Issues

Stress is always a major factor imparting to irregular period cycle, as well as PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) which is caused majorly due to hormonal imbalance. More during this pandemic time, it is seen that there has been a spike of 25% of females getting irregular periods due to stress. It often happens that we do severely neglect the fact of getting delayed periods or an irregular cycle or even the early symptoms of PCOD, but that can be one of our greatest mistakes to do so in the long run. Our food habits, a jam-packed lifestyle, environment, all of it basically plays a role when it comes to this natural phenomenon in a female body. Further, this constant irregular period cycle may also eventually result in PCOD which can gradually lead to further complications.

Now, before things really go out of control and require strict medical action, there are several natural home remedies for delayed periods which in real works wonder. These home remedies for starting delayed periods have actually worked well for numerous females in the early stages of their irregular cycle and hence I am going to discuss a few and most effective of them with you all.

Diet Modification:

Diet is one major key factor to regularize periods and resist further complications in the body. Now diet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a nutritionist and get a diet chart fixed, rather, some simple tips help. Those are: eat more and more green leafy veggies, seasonal fruits, nuts, and cereals, avoid sugar, junks, and oily food. Avoid fatty foods as that is one of the worst culprits in contributing irregular cycles and PCOD. Fiber-rich food is best preferred to avoid health complications and that also becomes a queen element as a home remedy for the delayed periods. And if you are one who is already suffering from PCOD, it is highly advised to eat frequent small meals to regularize that.

Exercise Regularly: 

Regular exercise not only just helps burn the fat in the body, but also to a great extent helps in stress relieving which is again a major factor in causing PCODs. A good workout on a regular basis, may it be walking, or jogging or yoga or gymming, swimming, or whatever suits your body the best acts as a great natural home remedy for the delayed periods. So it isn’t really too much extra effort that you need to put into regularizing the cycle and avoid complications like PCOD, but just those basic things which we neglect and those eventually work evil for us.

Period Kit: 

Now, this is something which I came across very recently. Namyaa, a Made in India brand for skincare launched their period kit in the market which is scientifically proven with zero side effects. Namyaa has introduced three products in their period care range and thus they have got you all covered in the way that if you are the one suffering from PCOD, they have Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya- For PCOD and PCOS- Pack of 60 Tablets which restores hormonal imbalance, purifies the blood with a complete ayurvedic formulation. 

They also have a syrup Anartava for delayed periods which when consumed regularly helps in gradual regularization of your cycle. In case you have an unusual kind of white discharge also, they have ShwetKanika tablets to control it.

Thus, it isn’t a big change in lifestyle or food habit that you really need to do to maintain a uniform period cycle, it’s that small steps that matter!! Also, in addition to that, a natural ayurvedic period kit helps!! 

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