Argan Oil: Benefits and Ways to use It


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Oil extracted from kernels of argan tree, native to Morocco is what is the argan oil. The pure form of argan oil is super beneficial for skin and hair and is very commonly mixed with cosmetic products or bath products like shampoos or soaps etc. it is that oil which looks and feels luxurious and has a pleasant nutty aroma with light texture.

Argan oil is that one thing which is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants. Thus, incorporating it into your skincare and haircare routine can make major benefits to them. Let us see what are the ways in which you can include this luxurious oil into your daily routine:

Adding Argan Oil to Your Moisturiser:

Being rich in Vitamin E, argan oil helps strengthen skin barrier and is able to retain more hydration. Thus, mixing few drops of argan oil to your regular moisturizer will make your skin firm and supple. But make sure, you get the pure argan oil!

Direct Usage of Argan Oil for Wrinkles:

Because of its super nourishing effect, argan oil helps make skin full of life. Argan oil improves skin elasticity and thus delays the process of wrinkle. Thus, if wrinkle is your concern, you can take 2/3 drops of pure argan oil and tap on your moist face, it would be of great help!

Oily Skin? 

If you are battling oily skin, acne marks and likewise, argan oil should be your best friend. Studies show that argan oil is known to reduce sebum production and thereby control oiliness in your skin and thus reducing tendency to get pimples.

For Dry and Frizzy Hair:

If your are one suffering from dry and damaged hair which becomes a forest once dried, then ditch that hair serum you are using till now and replace it with argan oil. Argan oil being rich in Vitamin E is great to give life back to your damaged hair and keep frizziness at bay.

As a Heat Protectant:

Using couple of drops of argan oil just before you use your heat styling equipment protects hair and scalp from damage. The fatty acid content in argan oil forms a protective barrier and keeps damage at bay.

Now the question lies how to choose the right argan oil? There are certain things to check before buying an argan oil, those are:

  • Should be 100% pure
  • Should not have any added fragrance to it
  • Pure argan oil has nice amber hue
  • Pure oil has a nutty smell

With the market being flooded with deceptive products of all kind, it is very important to keep the above things in mind before you get your hands on any argan oil and start incorporating it in your daily routine. And now that you know ways to use it, do get started, and be ready for the change for good!

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