Everything you Need to Know about Facial Oil!

The thought of putting oil in your face is giving you the nightmare of getting breakouts? I get you! Even few years back I was in the same position as you all, and even the thought of using any oil based product would give me a nightmare, so oils were totally out of question! But then gradually when market started getting flooded with cleansing balms, majority of which are oil based, that’s when I started researching upon the benefits of oil, to be specific facial oils and discovered some great benefits of them. So here in this article, I am going to clarify all your pre-conceived notion about facial oils and make you know everything that you need to know about facial oils.

What is facial oil?

Facial oils are actually kind of a one step solution which can address a number of skin problems. Apart from numerous benefits they provide, the most important one is that they form an extra layer over skin and that serves great as a protecting barrier. Generally, the facial oils are plant based and are predominantly known for their immense hydrating property, which along with hydration also aids to maintain skin pH level, and has high anti-ageing property.

Who can use it?

Yes, even if you have acne tendency, you can use a facial oil. Facial oils, the right one for the right skin type only heals the skin and arrests further damage. So if you have anytime faced breakout (maybe) with some facial oil, then probably it wasn’t the right facial oil for you. Thus, as a whole, every one of us, irrespective of age, or skin-type or gender, can use a facial oil.

Right facial oil for right skin type:

Here lies the magic! Once you get the right facial oil, you will realize there is nothing better than that! So here are the oils which suits different skin type:

  • Normal Skin Type: Jojoba oil, coconut oil, marula oil
  • Dry Skin Type: Almond oil, apricot oil
  • Oily Skin Type: Tea tree oil, Argan oil, 
  • Combination Skin Type: Marula oil, flaxseed oil
  • Sensitive Skin Type: Moringa oil, Aloe vera oil
  • Acne-Prone Skin Type: Tea tree oil, Rosehip oil

Now that you got to know which oil suits what skin type, start using them and you will notice the difference.

What are the benefits of facial oil?

Facial oils are super beneficial to skin in multiple ways. 

Those are:

  • They help maintain skin pH balance,
  • Help reduce wrinkles,
  • They form a barrier and help protect the skin,
  • Facial oils can help sooth rash,
  • Shrink enlarged pores,
  • Help get uniform skin-tone

How to rightly use facial oil?

  • There are multiple ways in which you can use a facial oil, and they are:
  • Mix it with moisturizer and use as a step of basic moisturization step,
  • Use it as a night time skincare routine directly as it is,
  • If you love makeup, mix some drops of facial oil with your primer,
  • You can even mix facial oil with foundation

I hope now I am able to make you understand how beneficial a facial oil is for your skin, so now without hesitation, start incorporating facial oil in your skincare regime and feel the difference yourself!

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