Tips to Take Care of Dry Hair

Does your hair look like it’s been hit by a drought? And you haven’t been able to make it soft? It is easier to care for dry hair – easier than you think – because all it needs is some TLC. Give it the care and love that it asks for and be rewarded with soft and silky hair. You don’t need to make any drastic changes for managing it – some easy-to-follow hair care tips will give you the hair you crave for.

Let’s deep dive into these dry-hair-hair care tips that we have rounded up for you –

1. Hydrate Your Locks

Are you aware that all types of hair – even oily hair – need moisture? Switching to a good hydrating system should be your priority. Get a good nourishing shampoo and follow it with a conditioning system for instant hydration. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Most people are unaware that your scalp roots need good cleansing and not the locks. And it is the reverse with conditioning. So, shampoo the scalp and condition the locks.

2. Use Hair masks

Your hair care routine should include weekly hair masks. Don’t wait for that special occasion, when you need to have good looking hair. In fact, using hair masks weekly will nourish your locks, and moisturize them. So, all days will be good hair days. Use homemade DIY deep conditioner hair mask for dry hair to turn them smooth and glowy. You will love the results. 

3. Give Your Locks Pre-‘Poo Treatment

If your hair is extremely dry, maybe a pre-‘poo or pre-shampoo treatment is what you need. What does a pre-poo do? It protects your hair from any damaging effects of the shampoo and conditioner. These treatments are basically conditioners, oils, butter, or masks applied to the hair before you shampoo it. Slather your wet mane with pre-‘poo and leave it on for half an hour or as directed by the manufacturer—Wash and condition as before.

4. Use a Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner

After washing and conditioning, you should apply a leave-in conditioner – that can be cream or oil-based, but something that will nourish your hair and tame the frizz—many people with dry hair use oil-based serums that are easily available. Use a pea-sized dollop and apply it on the hair – to the lengths and ends. 

5. Avoid Hot Showers

There are so many hot things that you need to avoid – a hot shower is one of them. Although it is one of the most enjoyable things, hot water turns the hair dry. It strips the hair of essential oils and Bummer! You have dry hair! Now, that doesn’t mean that you start taking cold showers – pun intended! It just means that turn down that temperature and cut down your shower time. Too many showers are also not good for hair health.

6. Avoid Heat Stylers

Another ‘hot’ that you need to avoid is excessive blow-drying and heat styling. These damage hair like nothing, except maybe chemicals. Especially if you have dry hair! Again, this doesn’t mean that you go out looking like a porcupine, needles sticking out. It just means that you cut down your ‘heat’ time. Use products such as hair sprays, mousses, or styling creams that will help air-dry hair. And when you do have to flat iron or blow dry hair, make sure that you use a hair protectant first. Ah! And use the lowest setting on these gadgets.

7. Get Regular Trims – Snippity Snappity

We can’t stress how important getting a trim is. It removes split ends, and you say goodbye to damage. Your hair will look healthy after the snip.

8. Use Silk Pillowcases

Hello! Do you hear this?

Silk pillowcases help your hair retain its moisture!


That’s right!

Cotton pillowcases pull out the moisture from your hair, drying out your strands. That’s so uncool! Switch to a silk pillowcase. If you don’t want to invest in it, take out that silk scarf that you’ve been hoarding for a special moment. Your sleep time is that special moment. Try it out, and you’ll be back to thank us for this tip.


Follow these tips, and your hair will soon be rid of the dryness. You are sure to have lovely, shiny, and silky strands like those models in the shampoo ads.

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