Work from Home and Weight Gain Issues: How to Cut Down Overweight in your Hips?

At a stretch maximum hours if all of us have sat sometime, that has to be while being engrossed in work from home life which was (rather actually is) a major challenge that majority of us have faced. And work from home and weight gain have seemingly become best friends now! According to studies, 48% people of the population says that they have put on weight during this lockdown, and there are so many reasons for that: stress, over eating or stress eating, constantly sitting in one place due to work from home option, unable to go to gym or go for an outdoor exercise and many more! And in majority of the cases, specially girls, it is seen that lower portion of the body gets fat faster than other body parts. 

So now, we all don’t really know when the situation is going to normalize, when can we step out of our homes very normally like we did till early 2020 and all of that, so best, for the time being is to find solutions to the fat gain which has happened over this period of time. Specifically, lets talk about some very easy and very realistic ways to cut down overweight from your hips or from the lower body:

Eat Protein Rich Diet and Drink at least 3 liters of Water Daily: 

Protein rich diet helps in easy digestion, eases metabolism and thereby helps tone body and at the same time burn extra fat. In addition to that, water in the right quantity helps again easy absorption of nutrients in the body, eases food flow in the body and thereafter chances of fat accumulation reduces a lot.

Toning Cream: 

'Namyaa' is one brand which has always delivered trustworthy products when it comes to what the brand promise. The brand has come up with a cream which, on regular application will helps you get a firmer, smoother lower body parts and thereby a good butt enhancement. But, if you are thinking then this cream must be having some steroids or other harsh chemicals, let me tell you, this cream is free form any harmful chemicals, pesticides, any synthetic fragrance, artificial colours. As a whole it is a natural alternative to get brilliant booty lift with a whole lot of good ingredients like Chamomile, Nutmeg, Macadamia seed oil and much more! You have to take a little portion of this cream and apply to your bums on a regular basis to see the difference. Remember, with any product which has a whole lot of natural ingredients, persistency and consistency is the key to get desired results, and this one is no exception. Best way to use it, is apply it twice daily, massage the cream well so that it gets the right amount of time to get absorbed to the skin. For best results, try this amazingly formulated cream for 6 weeks on a regular basis. This is one of such revolutionary product which targets development of fatty tissues in the desired areas and thus enhance contours of your body. It comes in a 100ml bottle which is worth Rs. 599/- It is easily available on their Website, Nykaa, Flipkart and Amazon.

Get Good Sleep: 

It might sound like sleep has no connection with fat accumulation in body, but trust me it has connection! Studies prove that women who sleep well has more tendency of successful weight loss than those who doesn’t. You can also check out  the ways to looks body fat without exercising or any dietary supplements here.

So these are very very basic ways to loose that extra or unnecessary fats from the body. No extravaganza, just doing things in the right way will help you maintain that perfectly healthy and tonned lifestyle! Also do let me know in the comment section below if you know some miraculous way to loose fat without putting much of an effort or without a need to go  out of the way to get that tonned body!

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