Best Hair Styling Ideas for all Hair Length

A good and on-point hairstyle is no less than an accessory to a female. That right hairstyle with the right dress and right face cut can do wonders in itself! And trust me, you don’t need to go to a saloon or have some high-end things to get your hair right, you yourself can just get it right. So now, as the festive season is just there, I have come here with a list of hairstyles according to your hair length. And don’t worry, none of these would demand heat-styling high-end equipment too! All of these are simple, yet will give you that festive look. 

Just before jumping into the list of hairstyles, there is something which I really want to tell you all is that, try to take care of hair as much as possible. Many of us have the tendency to neglect hair health all around the year and expect a lot from it during the festivities. Girls, that really doesn’t work that way! A healthy lifestyle is a key to good hair health followed by some deep conditioning hair packs at least every alternative week. So yeah, let's now jump into the hairstyles:

  1. Double Bun: This is one of those hairstyles which can be flaunted by anyone of any hair length. How? Here it is: 

-Long Hair: Go for a double bun in the front with half of the hair volume open from the back

-Short or Medium length hair: Go for a full double bun. Now if you are the one who has a long face/big forehead, front fringes with the double bun is the best option. Wait, I am not telling you to get fringes cut right away, there are varieties of easy-to-use and affordable false fringes available in the market, do check them out! 

  1. Beach Waves: Beachy waves are the easiest one for anyone who wants a quick fix with a traditional look. Again, though it looks like you need to must have a curler for this style, it isn’t necessarily the case! Just tying up strips of damp hair with rectangular cut-shirt pieces of thick paper and keeping for over 4-5hours does the job! And again, this is that look which can really go well for long and medium length hair.

  1. Messy Bun: Short, long, medium hair, this one is for all! For short hair people, are you wondering how? Again false buns my girl! These days the false hairs are so easily available and are also available in different shades of hair color to match your perfectly! You can also ramp up the messy bun look by tying flowers of your choice around the bun.

  1. Hair Headbands: Take a hair strip from either the right/left end of your hair and make a braid and put it up with a hair pin on the other end, done! For medium to short hair peeps, this style will look best if you keep the rest of your hair open at the back after this headband. Long hair gurlies, you can tie up the hair at the end to be a finished look!

  1. Half Up: Most common yet that glam-up hairstyle which gives a glam-up look no matter you are carrying Indian or Western wear. Again, this is the one that can go for all hair lengths. For short hair peeps, tie the half hair a little on the top to give that even extra voluminous finish!

Now, what say? Does it seem like you still need expensive saloon sittings or heat styling tools to get that festive hairstyle look? Do comment below which hairstyle of these is your favorite!

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