Top 7 Affordable Kajal in India / Under Rs.100

Kajal is that one thing, which no matter whether you are a person who does heavy makeup or one who, it is a must. It is one of those essentials which one can hardly compromise on, isn’t it? Now this festive season, we always end up spending a lot on cosmetics and then repent later.

Hence, I thought why not put forth to you all some 7 kajals which is super budget-friendly and so as to say, below Rs. 100, which would definitely not be one the one which is heavy on your pocket.

Okay, now let me give you a disclaimer here, you cannot really expect a little too much from these budget-friendly kajals. What I have focused on is the pigmentation part of it but most of these aren’t smudge-proof. But then, I have one quick fixer tip which can turn any of your non-smudge-proof kajal into be smudge-proof.

Keep reading the blog and you get the quick fixer tip as a bonus at the end! 

Further, let me give you one more suggestion, these are some of the things which you should be definitely checking before grabbing any kajal (high end or budget-friendly) for that matter:

  • If you have sensitive eyes, do not blindly go for herbal brands, they also might have harmful chemicals,

  • Some of the kajals (which are sharp-able) might not fit one universal sharpener, so please check a compatible sharpener before you get that,

  • Some kajals might not have been mentioned, but maybe with added glitters which might even cause irritation, thus, if you are new to some brand/type. At least do a hand swatch before buying,

  • Do not blindly go by some reputed brand one brand might have a great lipstick but a really pathetic kajal, just best idea is to check before you buy.

Now, let's dive into the kajal list finally! :

  1. Elle18 Eye drama kajal: One of my personal favorites amongst the budget-friendly kajal is this one. Has intense black pigmentation with just one stroke application. Not smudge-proof, but waterproof to a good extent. 

  2. Blue Heaven 2x Intense Kajal: This one comes from that brand that makes excellent budget-friendly gems, and this one is no exception. Has great pigmentation and lasting power.

  3. Miss Claire Waterproof Khol & Kajal (Black): If you are a khol pencil lover, nothing can be better than this in budget. But then just note, though the brand mentions it as waterproof, I kinda feel it's semi-waterproof.

  4. Insight cosmetics Intense Khol Kajal: Has great pigmentation and comes from a very promising brand which again has a bunch amazing of budget-friendly products.

  5. NY Bae Big Apple of my Eye Khol Stick: Again, one of my super favorite because of its pigmentation and lasting power. Plus, this is waterproof to a great extent as well! 

  6. VLCC Chotu Kajal: Great one if you are the one who loves applying bullet lipstick type kajals on your waterline. Ok, in the offer price, you actually get it at a dead cheap rate of even below Rs. 50/-!

  7. Lotus Makeup Natural Kajal-Black:  Again this one falls in the bullet kajal category and comes from a very well-established brand. Though it might be slightly smudging, has amazing pigmentation!

So now, the bonus tip, LOL! Use a thin brush and spray a good amount of make-up fixing spray on it. Now just put one swipe of this brush along the line of your kajal, and Ta-Daaaa!! Please let me know in the comment section below whether you find this article helpful and whether I can come up with more such budget-friendly posts! 

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