7 Winter Saree Styling Tips to Take your Fashion Sense to Next Level!

Have some wedding or festivity to attend and you want to desperately wear a saree? But then again you are worried about how to tackle a saree in winter, isn’t it? Do now worry, I got you all covered! Saree is undoubtedly one of the most elegant dresses which goes well at any party or function, no matter what. But of course, when it is chilling cold outside, everyone is wearing all jackets and mufflers, it is a little difficult to think of putting on a saree. Hence, I thought, why not give you all some very trendy yet realistic ideas to carry a saree in this chilling winter and also at the same time carry that elegancy!

Thus, here today I will share with you 7 different ways to get on with the saree that you love the most in a way that your bones don’t get chilled! LOL! And trust me on this, these are very effortless ways which will not only save you from cold but also give you another level of a fashion statement, and that too with things which would mostly be available already in your wardrobe:

  1. Saree with Jacket:

Be it a shimmering jacket or an ethnic jacket, a long-length one is always glamorous to get along with a saree. If you have a preference for an ethnic saree, go for an ethnic jacket and if otherwise, a shimmery one. It will not only save you from cold but also give elegance to the whole look.

  1. With a full-length pullover:

Like how you can pair up saree with crop tops in summer, similarly, with a full-length pullover and thin pleats of the saree, you are ready to rock! In this case, give preference to neutral colors of the pullover and also is most preferred if it is the high neck.

  1. Embellished Thick blouse:

What if you get the blouse itself which will work as a winter savior? Ok, to be honest, for this, you definitely have to plan ahead and get a blouse stitched which is of thick (can even be of woolen material) and also grand at the same time. I would suggest going for colors like black/golden/silver which goes really well with any and every saree (or majority ones at least) and you are set to rock the show!

  1. Leather Jacket:

Ok, this might be something unusual for you, but then give this a try, and thank me later you can keep the jacket open or even close the zip and put the pleats from the top, both ways work well!

  1. Elegant Shawl:

Remember those 90s heroines? Who, whenever on any occasion will carry a super elegant shawl? That trend is back again, and just in case you already own some of the shawls which look elegant, this style is a must-try! That shawl will itself catch the whole attention!

  1. A Denim:

Look, can denim ever go wrong? A styling denim jacket with a saree is something that is rare but looks very trendy and chique. Do try out, I bet this style will make you feel good about your style!

  1. Woolen Short Kurti and Saree:

Nowadays, a lot of nice and gorgeous woolen shorts Kurtis are out there available in the market. Pair one such with your saree and look at that game changer!

Aren’t these very easy and doable tips for you to carry that saree you love this winter? In case you have any additional saree styling tips for this winter, don’t forget to mention the same in the comment box below! Happy winter saree styling!

7 Winter Saree Styling Tips to Take your Fashion Sense to Next Level!  7 Winter Saree Styling Tips to Take your Fashion Sense to Next Level! Reviewed by Anamikadbn on January 16, 2022 Rating: 5

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