Winter Skin and Hair Care Tips and Hacks

Now that winter is already here, your regular skincare and haircare steps might not help keep your skin and hair issues at bay. Winter is the time when every one of us, more or less starts having that dry flaky skin, itchy scalp, dandruff issues, cracked feet, dry body skin, and what not! How much ever I like winters more than summer, when skin or hair issues start popping up, it somewhere freaks me out. Hence, from the last winter itself, I promised myself that I would be starting to follow some of the tips and tricks from the early start of winter days which would stop my skin and hair from going haywire! 

Now, honestly that I have been doing those steps and maintaining that regular care for one year now, I can assertively tell you all, that these small extra steps would save the health of your skin and hair to a great extent. So let me share with you all some of those things which you can effortlessly do which would go a long way with you. These tips would consist of things which you can do with respect to your skin, hair (both externally and internally) to maintain things in its place even during the chilling cold.

Tip No. 1: Getting the right moisturizer is of utmost importance during winters. Please remember, what moisturizer you have been using during summer, might not be suitable for chilled winters. Opt for thick cream bases moisturizers to retain the skin moisture and leave the skin barrier intact. You can also try checking out body butters that work best for winters.

Tip No. 2: Make healthy fats a part of your daily diet. Load up on healthy fats like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and more. Healthy fats give your hair the required protein and thus making your tresses stronger and healthier. It not only leads to less hair-fall but also maintains less frizz and dryness.

Tip No. 3: Make essential oil your best friends during this time. May it is hair or skin, essential oils do wonder for both. If you are one who has dry to combination skin type, you can use kumkumadi oil as the last step of your skincare before going to bed at night. If otherwise, do try rosehip seed oil, it helps greatly in preserving the moisture balance in our skin. For hair, use a few drops of pure almond or olive oil as a serum and feel the change!

Tip No. 4: Shea butter on the go! Shea butter is one that provides intense nourishment. For hair: mix shea butter and a few drops of vitamin E and use it as a hair mask (lengthwise) and you see how deeply conditioned your hair would feel post wash! Similarly, you can directly use shea butter for curing cracked feet, elbows, and also lips, it works beautifully.

Tip No. 5: Drink loads of water and fluids. This helps clean the gut and gives that glow from inside. Of course, remember, what goes inside gets reflected outside, so along with the optimum amount of fluids, a good balance and nutritious diet is also really important all through. 

Tip No. 6: Put a limit on exfoliation, may it be scalp or facial skin, winters aren’t meant for over-exfoliation. The more you exfoliate, the more the moisture barrier gets ripped off and thus affecting the skin and hair health.

Tip No. 7: When it comes to hair, minimize using heating tools, try to get the natural sunlight to dry your hair. And in case you are in need of hair styling, use a good heat protectant before using any heating tool. This will reduce the dryness and frizzy hair tendency.

Some bonus tips: Always keep a lip care product and hand cream handy. Winter and this use of hand sanitizers tend to make our hands extremely dry, hence, use non-greasy hand cream regularly, this will not only do good to your hands but also keep nail health in place! 

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