The Ultimate Checklist To Buy A Saree For Your Wedding Day!

 The Ultimate Checklist To Buy A Saree For Your Wedding Day!

Wedding is one of the most important days in any girl’s life, and irrespective of the culture or tradition, every girl wants to make it as memorable as possible. And trust me when I say this, your wedding saree matters a lot in taking you closer to making and preserving good memories via a soft or hard copy of photographs. Not just the color or the design, there are a lot more other things which you should be keeping in mind when buying the wedding saree. And believe it or not, being a newlywed, I know the real struggle behind selecting that perfect saree to get the grace on the ‘big day.' Thus, to help you all, I have made a checklist as to what you should be keeping in mind before you make the final call on that perfect saree for your day. So, here you go:

Fix your budget:

To be honest, Indian weddings are a super costly affair, and hence pre-planning and fixing the budget for things goes a long way. Before you go out shopping, the best thing to do is plan a range within which you want to get the saree done. Always remember, when you go shopping, start with your lower range of the budget and then if required, then only move the upper cap. Further, these days majority of the shops/boutiques for wedding sarees either have their Instagram page/youtube channel. It’s always better to check those out to have a clear picture in mind as to what all might possibly be available within your range of budget rather than jumping into the sea once you reach the shop.

Do the homework on your preferred colors:

Not all colors suit everyone, right? Plus, even if you have some favorite colors in mind, it might so happen you end up getting nothing in that shade. Thus, to avoid this trouble, keep ¾ color options in mind so that you aren’t really lost when you don’t find something in your single preferred color shade. Further, a pro tip would be: to look for colors that would stand out in photographs (which rather boils down to dark and bright shades).

Decide based on your physique:

In case you are tall, select a saree which have thick borders and vice versa. Further, please please, and please go for lightweight sarees. Irrespective of everything, being the bride, you would be the center of attraction that day, so you can’t really afford to struggle with a heavyweight saree or something which is difficult to manage.

Try to pick colors so that you can coordinate with the groom: 

Ok, this might be a personal preference, but then either similar or contrasting shades of dress for the bride and groom go really well. Generally, if you are wearing a dark color saree, you can get the same/similar shade for the groom too and if you are the one who prefers light shade, then make sure your groom is wearing a contrasting color!

Pick the right tailor for the blouse:

Finding the right tailor is a real struggle in itself. And for wedding blouses, do not take a chance with tailors who are super new or are someone who hasn’t ever stitched anything for you. Another escape way is, these days, there are plenty of readymade designer blouses available, which might be slightly on the costly side, but would be free of hassle. You can choose those too!

And the ‘miscellaneous’:

Plenty of small things: the right lingerie, skirt, falls-picko for the saree, these are the things which are also to be taken care of. Further, if you have an intricate thread worked pallu, it would be better to get a soft net attached at the backside of the pally to prevent the thread work from getting damaged.

So yeah, more homework is required before you write the final exam of getting that perfect saree for your wedding day!

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