10 Amazing Ways to Improve your Jawline

The face is the first factor that comes to notice of anyone. And then, there are basically certain features of the face that actually draws attention, jawline being one. Many of us tend to overlook the jawline factor to make the face more attractive. A sharp and defined jawline not only makes you look attractive but also helps show off the youth in you. Though the sharpness of the jawline is dependent on heredity to a good extent, there are also multiple ways that you can try to improve that with a little effort from your side. See, of course, surgical options are available which can completely transform your look in the way you want, but then, why not try out the more non-complex non-surgical options? So here are some 10 ways that I have jotted down which has personally helped me get a defined jawline. So why not you also try out these and thank me later. Lol.

  1. Healthy lifestyle: I know, this might seem as if I am a schoolteacher, but trust me there is nothing as harmful as junk foods to do the total damage to the jawline. Thus, the first and foremost step into getting that well-defined and sharp jawline is to curtail down on unhealthy foods and incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet.

  2. Jaw exercise: The more you get the jaw muscles toned and strong, the more it will look stronger and chiseled. The most effective exercises are: 

  • Twisting the tongue: First place the tongue on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth and press it against the roof. Then in that position, start humming.

  • Chin lifts: With the mouth closed, push the lower jaw outwards and lift the lower lip. Hold this position for 10-15mins.

  1. Use less salt in food: Salt often leads to bloating, hence, it's always advisable (in general) to consume less salt in food. Further, more salt goes to our body with the foods that we munch on, so try to reduce that as well.

  2. Smile often: Surprising, but true, smiling helps tone facial muscles. It extends the cheekbones and thus tones the jawline. Plus of course, a smile is a mood enhancer too, so smile often!

  3. Tongue exercise: Resting the tongue on the roof of the mouth and keeping it in the position for some time is one of the best exercises to get that sharp jawline. It not only helps in muscle workouts but also can lead to better breathing while asleep.

  4. Stimulate collagen production: Adding supplements to your diet or externally applying creams or moisturizers which can promote collagen formation helps improve skin elasticity and hence make it look toned.

  5. Stay hydrated: Water helps flush out toxins from the body and this happens only when it is done consistently. Thus, drinking water also helps to tone the facial muscles and thus gives you that sharp jawline.

  6. Face massage: Fish face is one of the facial massages or rather exercises that helps work out the muscles around the jawline. Further, externally rubbing an ice cube helps tighten pores of the skin and gives a chiseled jawline. 

  7. Makeup Magic: Ok, this is an instant fixer but then honestly, that right way if contoured, gives that perfect jawline looks like an instant result.

  8. 8 hours of sleep is a must!: A puffy face is very evident with less sleep. Thus, not only healthy food but also proper sleep helps not only keep you fit but also gives you that proper tones muscles and glow.

So, you can try out any of the above and be diligent and consistent to get the best results out of it.

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