Things to get inspired from Bengali culture this ‘Noboborsho’

The rich cultural heritage and traditions of Bongs are somewhat awe-inspiring, may it be from their passion for food or their love for saree, or their desire to travel. Every typical Bengali family has kids who are exceptionally good in ‘Rabindra sangeet’ or ‘Bharatnatyam’ or some of the other sports. Not just that, any and every place you go visit, you would find some of the other Bengali tourists there, surprising, isn’t it? That’s how Bengalis are. Apart from being ‘mach-e vaat-e bangali’, they love to live their life to the fullest in all possible ways and means possible. Now all these might sound very superficial and unrealistic for any non-bong, but let me tell you some of the cultures/traditions of Bengalis that you can definitely look into and take inspiration from:

  • Diversified knowledge: Ask any Bengali about any recent affair and see their never-ending knowledge about it. Be it related to sports, food, economics, it’s the culture in Bengali houses to be well aware of the affairs of the world. And that’s the reason, if you take a stroll along any lanes in Bengal, you will get to see groups or ‘dadas’ having gossip over tea and exchanging the news amongst themselves in a lighter mood. And rightly so, we have multiple noble laureates from bong groups!

  • Sheer passion to travel: It's strange but true that Bengalis are one of the most daring groups who dares to take their months-old kids to travel to places with even extremities of climate or food. Of course, they would take the utmost precaution possible for the same, but then what I mean to say is that nothing really stops them from traveling and visiting places around the world.

  • Sticking to their culture: Visit any Bengali household during any festivities and you will get to see the ladies of the home in sarees and males in Punjabis! They are one of those section of society who loves to stick to their traditional dressings. And not just that, even a random visit to any Bengali household would fetch you sweets on your plate. Bengalis and rosogollas are an eternal love affair!

  • Love for food: Bengalis are born foodies. Don’t be surprised if you get to know that a chef in some odd out the place is a bong! It's how they are. They don’t eat to live, rather ‘live to eat. Further, the most awe-inspiring thing when it comes to food is the diversity in the variety and types of dishes that they serve. Ranging from veg to non-veg, everywhere there is something unique to it.

  • Hospitality: They are known for their sweetness and hospitality, and undoubtedly so! Ranging from a street vendor to a nurse, Bengalis would take care of you and put you at the first no matter what. They won't never leave you un-fed, and that’s the beauty of them!

Of course, every culture and tradition has some or other unique trends to take inspiration from, so why not start with the rich Bong culture and start with it?

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