All About Sports Bras

Your sports bra is the only powerful weapon that saves you from many awkward situations which you will face at the gym. A good sports bra provides proper support and lets you do your job without any hassles. So how to find the right one? What points should you consider while buying one? I know all these questions are popping into your head! Don’t worry sweetie we got your back. In this guide, I’ll give you complete information about sports bras. So let’s get started!

First, let’s know what all points you should keep in mind before buying one!

Checking your size and shape is really important or else you will face the consequences:

The first thing you need to do before buying any bra is to check your measurements properly. Not all ladies have the same breast shapes, few have asymmetrical, loosely hung or teardrop, and a lot more. So you need to know what kind of sports bra suits you the best and what keeps you comfortable throughout the workout session.

Coverage is important as well. If the coverage isn’t proper you can’t workout properly:

Getting a full coverage sports bra allows the breasts to fill the cups completely. This keeps you comfortable throughout the workout session. So make sure to buy a sports bra that has full coverage cups.

What fabric did they use? Now, this is something that you need to check before buying because if the fabric is not up to the mark it irritates your skin and causes rashes and infections.

Fabric is another most important point to keep in mind. Make sure that the sports bra is made from moisture-absorbing fabric and has very little elastic in it. If it’s too elastic you may encounter bouncing of your breasts and many other issues that can be painful.

Compression and pad also allow you to work out well:

Now you may have a few questions: why get a padded bra when you already have proper busts?  But trust me, sweetie, a good sports bra that has pads provides ample support to your breasts properly while making sure to compress them for the right amount while working out. These kinds of sports bras work well for both high and low-intensity workouts and work well for both small and large breasts.

Make sure to get the right levels of support for the kind of activity:

Sports bras have three types of levels depending on the kind of intensity you are working on. There are low impacted, medium impacted, and highly impacted bras available in the market. Maximum/high impact bras are for high-intensity exercises or while running or jogging, while medium and less impacted bras are for exercises where there is little movement of your body.

Wide and adjustable shoulder straps are important to reduce stress:

It’s important to have wider straps for a sports bra. Bras that have wider and cushioned straps keep you comfortable and provide maximum support while working out. Wider straps help in spreading the weight equally and also make sure not to cause any pain to your shoulders.

Where to buy a good sports bra?

Now, this is something important as well. There are numerous brands that provide sports bras, the following are a few top brands that provide the best quality sports bras!



Marks & Spencer 





Hope you got enough information about sports bras. Sweetie, I know how tedious the whole process sounds, but the great news is that sports bras can last up to 8-15 months. So make sure to keep these points in mind if you want your bra to stay longer.

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