Your One Stop Destination for Western Wears is Here!

Tired of browsing the internet and getting that classy, modern yet reasonable western wear? Do not worry, I have discovered something absolutely amazing which is almost like a wholesale women’s clothing destination which tons of styles, and varieties at absolutely reasonable pricing! Basically, summer is the time when you can actually flaunt your clothes with every kind of get-up and occasion, so why spare that? And definitely, summer calls forth for summer fashion essentials and accessories whose search also ends here which I am gonna take you through today.

So I recently discovered this website of Dear-Lover which has wholesale women’s clothing with such a variety, a whole lot of categories, and super trendy and fashionable styles. Ranging from swimwear to tops to dresses, you name it, you get it here, and I bet the wide variety and pricing are definitely gonna get you hooked to the site. They even have lingerie that caters to all kinds of body sizes and shapes. 

Now, you might wonder, this is not really a well-known website or even not an India bases one, so how far is that even reliable? Ever wondered, the first time amazon/even Flipkart came into the market, we had the exact same feeling! What if they don’t deliver the products? What if it's all fake? What is my security is breached by doing transactions here and much much more! Honestly, I myself had these doubts till the time I actually made up my mind to try out a couple of things from this site. But then, it was my gut feel or say whatsoever, that I just couldn’t resist myself from their variety and gave it a try. I placed an order for 3 tops and a midi-dress from here (of course being over skeptical) but the bingo! It came in around 12 days! The fittings, material, color, everything is o just on point! It is exactly how they show on their site. I do agree, that the tax is a bit on a higher side considering it has to go through customs, etc, but even then, considering that too, I found the pricing Damm reasonable considering the quality and styles. 

Further, they also have a pre-order sale category wherein you can go ahead and book your choices before the sale starts and place the order during the sale timing at a much-reduced price. Isn’t that crazy!? If you are a western wear person, this website is a must-try and of course, you can come back and thank me later, LOL! This time I am eying their footwear collection and also their clutches which again are pretty classy and have a ton of variety. Let me tell you a secret, their clutches are super cute and exactly match what I have been wanting for a long! Did I tempt you enough? 

So, why wait, this summer, make full use of the styles available, and get going from this wide range and variety! Happy shopping!

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