A First-Timers Guide to Georgia

Thinking of spending holidays in Georgia? Here are some handy tips for first-time travelers to Georgia to make their journey memorable and joyful. Georgia is a vibrant place that beholds nature’s beauty and is known as the wine nation. From the bucolic mountain villages and wine fields to rugged mountain terrains, you have so many artistic scenic beauties here to explore. However, first-time travelers have many questions about their first Georgia holidays trip. So, before you travel to the place, let us dive into the guide and get the answers to your queries.

What is the Visa Requirement for Georgia? 

Visitors do require a tourist visa to travel to Georgia. However, the Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the visa process easier for the traveler. If you belong to a Middle Eastern country, apply for an e-Visa. The e-Visa process will be completed within five working days. 

Visitors from the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, and many other nations can stay in the country for 365 days without having a visa extension. Before you apply for the visa, do ensure to check COVID protocols and then plan your trip.

What are the Travel Costs in Georgia?

Traveling costs depend on the traveler's budget. Some travelers prefer to stay in luxurious hotels and are willing to spend more money. However, travelers who are on a budget can stay in small boutique hotels that are budget-friendly. Places like Batumi, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi have the most affordable accommodations. You can also rent a central apartment that costs only US $35 a night from Airbnb. The travel cost may also cover the ticket price, eating, and shopping, which may hike the overall cost of travel. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Georgia? 

If you are traveling to Georgia for the holidays for the first time, you need to prepare yourself with fine details such as the best time to visit this place. Generally, you can visit this beautiful place throughout the year; however, some of the best times are as follows: 

  • July to August will be a perfect time if you want to explore mountain areas such as the Mount Caucasus are range. The season is perfect for skiing. Some locations are extremely hot such as Tbilisi, so you can avoid such places if you do not love hot sunny days. 

  • September to December is the perfect time to enjoy and visit the Lowlands. During September, mountain regions are extremely cold. But the Lowlands have extremely pleasant and comfortable weather. 

  • If you are an adventure lover and fond of trekking, April to May is the best time to visit Georgia. Experiencing the Valley of Wild Flowers is speechless on its own. 

  • June is perfect for enjoying pleasant and warm weather. You will feel happy and energetic while exploring different areas, especially mountains. 

How Long You Can Stay in Georgia for Holidays?

Ideally, you can stay in Georgia for 7-10 days to explore all the corners of this beautiful country. However, first-time travelers have a lot of queries in their minds and do not know about the location. Hence, it would be great to hire a Georgia Holiday Tour Guide. There are so many tourist attractions that are a must to discover and build memories forever. The travel guide will help take you to different places and have a glimpse of such a vibrant country full of artistic views. 

Make Sure to Carry Cash 

The majority of the hotels, cafés, smaller marketplaces, and taxi drivers accept credit cards. However, it would be great to carry cash. The official currency of Georgia is Lari, and you should carry some cash in your hand, especially when you are heading towards the mountain. 

But try to avoid exchanging currency at the airport. Instead, you can use an ATM in the arrival hall to exchange currency. Most of the ATMs here accept MasterCard and Visa cards. But the Georgia Banks only accept AMEX. You have to pay a withdrawal fee, which is only 2 GEL, when exchanging money. 

How to Travel Around Georgia? 

People traveling for the first time for Georgia holidays need to know about the public transport available in the cities of Georgia. Marshrutka is a famous public transport, and the services are available for tourist hubs and other spots every hour. Mini-buses are also available to roam around the cities, but they are the least comfortable. You get small luggage space and little legroom. 

Georgia has the best train network system and is slowly being advanced and laced with so many facilities. However, trains may take a longer time to reach your destination than buses and Marshrutka. You can also book the train running between Tbilisi and Batumi. This would be perfect for summer travel. 

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

If you are a first-time traveler to Georgia, do not forget to make these beautiful places on your list. 


TBILISI is one of the oldest towns in Georgia. You can visit the most amazing destinations such as Narikala Fortress, which would take you back to the 4th century. From botanical gardens to mountain sceneries, you get everything in one spot. Moreover, you can enjoy hiking in the fortress and get an opportunity to taste the oldest wine. 


KAKHETI is famous as the largest wine-producing area in Georgia. It is a wine village where you can experience the ancient method of wine production and Georgia's qvevri method of wine production, which is 8000 years old. It may take a couple of days to explore this beautiful place and experience the fermentation of the grapes in the clay pot vessels. Additionally, you can walk around Telavi, where you see the enthralling castles and churches. The place is also famous for Alaverdi Monastery. 


Kazbegi is also a great place to watch the spectacular snow-clad mountains and Instagram-worthy pictures. You can have a three-hour-long drive from Tbilisi to reach your destination. The weather is very unpredictable here, so you must carry a raincoat with you before locking the beauty of this place into your eyes.


In a nutshell, this is the complete guide for first-time travelers to Georgia. You can pack your bags accordingly and enjoy a smooth and safe journey. Do not forget to add these beautiful locations to your list. Also, carry your essentials and medicines with you before starting your journey. 

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