Facial Serum vs. Facial Moisturizer – All that you need to know

Facial serum and facial moisturizer are the most commonly confused terminologies and sometimes the marketing gimmicks are even more confusing. Now that major sales are going to come back to back, I thought why not give clarity on these two – face moisturizers and facial serum so that you can plan well ahead as to which is the one suitable for you and stock up during the upcoming sales.

So, what’s Facial Serum?

Serums are, in plain and simple terms – actives in a bottle. Most of the serums are lightweight, and can actually be in the form of oil, lotion, or even gels. Facial serums are formulated such that they are meant to target and address the skin concerns like skin brightening or acne or wrinkles or pigmentation and likewise. 

As serums are full of potent ingredients, they are required in less quantity and hence goes a long way. Thus, even though they are generally quite expensive, they get compensated by the less quantity requirement. 

Technically, the particle size of ingredients in the serum is small and hence they easily penetrate skins and help achieve desired results. 

Who should be using it?

If you are suffering from any target skin concern like acne/pimples or wrinkles/aging or pigmentation or skin dullness, you should find the right facial serum for yourself and start using the same. 

Additionally, there is no age bar to use serum – post-20s, you can start using the serum at any point in time. It's all about finding the right fit yourself. But then please remember, there are serums like Vitamin C serum, etc, which, if not used correctly can cause more harm than good.

What’s Facial Moisturizer?

Moisturizers are the ones that are targeted to give skin hydration and prevent it from dryness which eventually might lead to multiple skin concerns. The particle size in moisturizers is bigger than serums and hence, they cannot easily penetrate the skin – rather forms a barrier on the skin and heals it effectively.

Moisturizers can also be of different categories like ones with SPF to give sun protection, or the ones with hydrating ingredients to give hydra boost to your skin and the likewise.

Who should be using it?

Facial moisturizer can be and rather should be used by anyone and everyone. It not only helps hydrate the skin but also binds the skin cells together and acts to repair them. 

Please also be informed, that serums and moisturizers can also be layered together to get the best results. The right combo of moisturizer and serum can really make a lot of difference.

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