Top 4 Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Damaged Hair


Top 4 Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Damaged Hair 

Hair is one of the ornaments for we women in which, and no matter what, we all take pride in flaunting it. Now, of course, if you are blessed with good genes, you are going to be with lovely locks forever, but then, for people like me, we need to maintain it – take care of the same as if it's our baby to make it healthy and grow well. One of the biggest nightmares is hair fall – if you are a victim of that, it's high time to pay attention to arrest it rather than repent later. Plus, with such a high pollution level and climate changes, hair health goes hey-were. So here I have listed some of the tried and tested hair care tips that can help you protect your hair health – and trust me, these are absolutely fuss-free and very effective hair care tips. So here you go:

Tip No. 1

The first and most important thing a game changer is switching to an organic hair care brand. Shampoos full of harsh chemicals simply strip off the natural oil coating of our hair strands, leaving them gradually lifeless and becoming irreversible damage. Thus, choosing your product carefully is a magic mantra that helps with the first and primary step of taking care of your hair. And it's not just the shampoo; starting from shampoo to conditioner to whatever product you use, it's better to choose the product wisely. Plus, one other tip – which helps switch from your plastic comb to a neem wood comb – helps control hair frizziness and reduces itchy scalp to a reasonable extent.

Tip No. 2

Deep conditioning of hair – and when I say that, I don’t mean that you have to buy those deep conditioning masks from the market – you can very well do it with many things available in your kitchen. From using egg as a deep conditioning ingredient to using banana/ripe papaya to desi ghee to sour curd, kitchen ingredients serve beautifully as a deep conditioner for your hair. Another fantastic ingredient is the hibiscus flower – this makes your hair unimaginably soft and shiny and, at the same time, polished.

Tip No. 3

Protect your hair from heat – may it heat from those electronic tools like drier or straightener or curler and so on, to heat from sun – you should ensure that you never expose them to the direct heat which is super harmful. When using a heat styling instrument, either maintain a reasonable distance (in the case of driers) or use heat protectant serums that form a layer to prevent direct damage. Now, if you are traveling in the sun for long – make sure to use a cap or a dupatta to protect your hair from sun damage. The best thing is to avoid heat exposure as much as possible – this will help maintain hair health a long way. 

Tip No. 4

Avoid unnecessary use of chemicals like hair coloring – further, the colors which require you to bleach your hair are harmful. Please remember, the color might initially look good – but comes with several hazards – maintenance is complex, damages hair quality in the longer run, and makes it lifeless. 

Plus, one add-on hair care tip is, if you feel you are a person whose hair is getting affected due to a persistent change of water, you can try washing your hair in drinking water – it immensely helps control hair fall and frizziness. And of course, not to be mentioned, diet is essential!

I hope with these tips you will be able to set up a hair care routine, let me know if my hair care tips were useful for you below in the comments sections.

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