The Ultimate Guide to Messy Updos for Long Hair

Messy hairstyles are meant to make your hair look tousled, just like when you've spent the day on a windy beach or in a convertible with the top down. You don't need to be a perfectionist when creating messy hairstyles because the goal is to look pretty effortlessly. Next time you want some effortless messy hairstyles, give a messy topknot, tousled low bun, or bohemian braids a try. 

How do I wear my messy hairstyles? 

This quick, cute, and straightforward haircut will meet the dress code at work, highlight your charm on a romantic date, and provide you with the comfort you need for a weekend barbecue or evening workout. 

The best hairstyles are messy hairstyles! Simple yet stunning tousled updos can be created with curls, braids, and pins. No matter the season or the occasion, the looks of messy hairstyles will inspire you to wear your hair up. When it comes to messy hairstyles, keep in mind that simpler is always better. Avoid overthinking your actions! 

1. Super Twisted Up 

I think the best way to describe this look is as a texturized, messy updo. The fact that it is so adaptable is the best feature of it! This outfit could be worn to school, work, a night out with friends, or even as a cool bridal look! I recommend doing it on hair that has been washed twice in a row if you want a look like this. Because of this, you already have a wonderful natural texture and it really helps keep everything together! 

Detailed instructions: 

- Use a barrel tong to roughly curl sections, add a little bit more grit, and roughen it up with dry shampoo. 

- Divide the hair into two sections and form a messy bun. This will serve as the style's "base" and maintain its sense of security. 

- The next step is to randomly pin the curls onto the bun in a loose twist. It really doesn't matter; all that matters is having fun and being imaginative with the style! - Then proceed to spray your hair with hairspray

2. A messy high bun of long hair 

The best hairstyle for doing on the go is the messy top knot bun. 

Especially if you decide to use this tutorial instead of any of the other options for a messy bun. A bird's nest, also known as a hair bun, can be made in just a few minutes. In addition, you only require one coil hair tie. 

How can I create a bun without bobby pins? Very simple: 

- Make a high ponytail with your brush, but don't tie it. 

- Twist a messy ponytail. Circling a coil tie twice or three times. 

- It works best with curly hair that is textured.


3. With the twist of Bangs 

The top knot with bangs is such a chic, sexy, and popular hairstyle. This outfit can be worn very casually or very formally. This is the style you want for a dress with jewels or a simple outfit. It will make you feel absolutely beautiful because of its simplicity. A full, textured bang is crucial for this look because it perfectly frames your face and really highlights your cheekbones. 

Make sure to try these messy hairstyles for long hair and you are all set for any occasion anytime!

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