Little extra Coco Onion Shampoo Review

Ever got completely frustrated searching for that best-suited haircare product for yourself? Happened to me very recently when I had almost given up hope on which shampoo to settle on. Whichever shampoo I try, either doesn’t help remove the oil that I apply or makes the hair extremely dry – something or other was always the issue. I even tried shampoo powder, and though the results with that were satisfactory, the hassle associated isn’t worth though.

Thus, it was only recently that suddenly when I was discussing this problem with one of my friends, she suggested me this shampoo from the brand ‘Little Extra’. Little did I imagine that this shampoo would be something that I would write about to let you all know about my experience with that! So let's come straight to the point – I am pleasantly surprised with the shampoo and its effects, let me tell you how:

My experience with the shampoo:

It is a translucent white shampoo, which doesn’t lather too much. But then, for a person like me who applies oil generously the day before shampooing, this one nicely removes the oil, which not making the hair extremely dry. Thus, my two checkpoints are well satisfied. Now, coming to hair fall – I didn’t experience any major hair fall post the usage of this one, and neither would I say that it plays a major role in arresting hair fall too! The only thing I dislike about the shampoo is that it has an oddly pungent smell which is definitely not likable – but surprisingly enough, the brand claims the shampoo to be fragrance-free!

Positive things about it:

  • Has plant-based ingredients
  • Paraben and Sulphate free
  • Reasonable price
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Suits oily scalp with dry hair

Negative things:

  • The fragrance is a big negative here
  • Has just one size of the bottle


This shampoo comes in a pump-in bottle with a pump locking mechanism, which makes it convenient to travel with. Additionally, it's completely leakproof.


Even though the MRP is INR 599/-, this shampoo is available on e-commerce websites at a price lower than that. And it comes in a 300ml bottle – the only sad part is that it doesn’t have a smaller size – hence, even if you want to give it a shot, you have to grab this 300ml bottle only.

Coming from a less-known brand, the results of the shampoo is such that I would love to stick to it – given the fact that the brand upgrades and modifies the smell of the product!

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