Top 6 Home Décor Ideas for This Summer

Summer is the time when we look for everything to be breezy and comfortable. And now that summer is already here in the majority of parts of the country, it’s the time to look for ideas for home décor in summer. Once that winter cosiness is gone, all that we want is to roam around free. It always feels like summer is that period when we want to declutter our homes and make them look simple and unfussy. It is the time when there is brightness everywhere, so why not bring that brightness and happy feeling inside as well? So here are some of the simple yet realistic tips which can upgrade your summer home décor to the next level – and that too without any extravagant expense. Here you go for the top 6 summer home décor ideas:

Usage of White Colour

White is that colour which is a summer must-have. It brings in so much light as well as positivity inside. It looks fresh and also gives a cooling effect. I agree that white demands a lot of maintenance, and if you are scared of that, you can even go for light-shaded neutral colours – lilac, beige, baby pink etc. Starting from bedsheets to cushion covers, try changing all of them to these colours to get that revamped and clean summer feel. Even the use of the proper lights can make the room very vibrant. Recently, I purchased a Wooden Lamp Turquoise Blue which really makes the living room colourful and elegant.

Plants Round the Corners

Summer is the time when there are so many vibrant, pretty and beautiful flowers out there. Even cactus flowers bloom during summer. Thus, the best way to get plants inside your home is to get some indoor plants – these days there are many less maintenance indoor plants – pick those as per your choice and thereafter you can keep them at the corners of your rooms or even small plants at the centre table or dining table to give that lively feeling. 

Reuse winter blankets

Rather than folding your fancy blankets and keeping them up in the loft, why not use them as wall décor? You can even hang the blankets in one corner in an artistic way to give that wall décor look at zero extra expense!

Rearrange furniture

Most of us have the habit of giving a cosy look for winter home décor – summer demands just the opposite. It's time to rearrange the furniture to give them that look which makes space. Keep the furniture a little spread apart so that you get the open feel – apt for a summer vibe.

Heavy Curtains

One of the mandatory things that summer calls forth is a heavy curtain. To prevent the excessive sunlight from getting in and also prevent rooms from getting hot, it's always preferred that you have a separate set of thick long curtains for summer. You can also go for nice curtain holders, which, with a bare minimum cost make the curtains look elegant. 

Floral Prints

Like the blooming flowers in the garden, flowery prints also make it give a good summer vibe indoors. In case you plan to change your table cover, you can get a sober floral print which will again add to that vibrance indoors. 

Thus, instead of breaking your head on summer room décor ideas or unnecessarily spending a lot over the same, try the above-mentioned options. It will not only simplify your home décor game but also cut down your expenses a lot!

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