Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Holi

Holi is one of the most colourful festivals in India, which is celebrated all across the country irrespective of religion, caste or creed. It is one of those festivals which is celebrated by every age group with utmost enthusiasm and joy. As much as it brings joy, it can also be harmful to you or me if you don’t take some precautionary steps before you step out of the play with colours. So, here in this blog, I am going to remind you of 5 of the basic, yet necessary steps to be followed before you or anyone of any age for that matter ventures out to play Holi:

Choosing the Right Clothes:

Try to wear clothes which are breezy – that will help you pat off all the dry colours from your body. Now, if you are intending to play with watercolours, it's preferable to wear the kind of clothes which can dry off easily so that the colour won’t stay in contact with your skin for a long duration. Additionally, it also preferred to wear full sleeves and closed neck clothes – so as to avoid as much contact of the colours with skin.

Prep your Skin and Hair:

How the pre-holi skin care is important, it is equally important to take care of the skin and hair on the day of the occasion. While some of the colours you play with might be very tough to be removed, some might even lead to allergies for some. The best way to prevent it is to do the pre-prep of your skin as well as hair before you get dipped with colours. So, to do that, the best way is to use any body oil (preferably coconut oil or olive oil) to make a layer on your skin and hair. This way, it will not only prevent the colours to come in close contact with your skin and hair but will also be easy to be removed once you are done with the colour play.

Use Goggles:

Sometimes, those microscopic colour particles or even water colour when entering the eyes, can not only cause irritation but also can lead to some serious harm. So, to prevent that from happening, incorporate the usage of goggles – that can even become a style statement as well.

Use Organic Colours:

Now if you go out in the market, every other colour would be labelled as organic, natural etc. I understand it is highly difficult to understand which is actually the organic colour, but then if you check the ingredient list (most of the colours in the market won't even have the ingredient list indicating its fake) you would be able to make out what is actually organic and what isn’t. now, when I ask you to use organic colour, it might so happen that the friend of yours with whom you are planning to play didn’t get organic colour, and that would make you helpless right? Thus, to even take that precaution, it's always better to follow the above step – a thick layer of oil/moisturizer before stepping out for the celebration.

Keep your First Aid Kit Ready:

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but then why not keep things handy so that you need not go crazy trying to find even that antiseptic ointment in your time of need? Thus,, no matter what the occasion, it's always better to keep a check on the essentials for the first aid kit, and make sure things aren’t expired – replace if expired and keep it handy. 

I know you must be thinking, the above things are something you already knew of, but have you been religiously following them? Thus, hope this post will act as your reminder so that you take them seriously and follow them to the T.

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