10 Dressing Hacks and Styles for this Durga Puja 2023

With Durga Puja almost knocking at the door, I am sure, all Bengalis are super anxious about what to dress, how to dress, what to eat, where to eat, where to go, whom to meet and much much more. Being an ardent lover of festivities, Durga Puja has a special place in my heart as well – but then, those 5 days of the puja can even be taxing if you aren’t geared up with the right things in the right place. What I mean is, with the current level of humidity in the air, you girls cannot really think of wearing some very heavy dress for the puja, or else that day will drain you out for the remaining days of the puja. So, coming from my experience, it is always the best idea to dress up looking at the climatic conditions and at the same time keep up with styles. Thinking of the same made me come here today to jot down 10 dressing hacks and styles for this Durga Puja, which will be super easy to carry and at the same time will keep up with the style and trend too!

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Style 1:

This year, half sarees are super in trend – and why shouldn’t be also – it's easy to wear, lightweight and come in a variety of styles. Considering the saree is one of the most elegant attire, an easy peasy wear which is the best alternative to saree is the best thing you can do right?

10 Dressing Hacks and Styles for this Durga Puja

So, the hack here is, to try to go for chiffon material – that’s lightweight, comfortable material and comes in a variety of gorgeous prints and embroideries. 

Style 2:

Since last year, one thing which has become quite popular and in style is sharara. Again, for me, the wide-legged thing with flares, makes it look gorgeous and comfy at the same time. 

Dressing Hacks and Styles for this Durga Puja

The hack here – try to go for contrasting colours top and bottom for the sharara – it gives a more elegant look.

Style 3:

Anarkali – the most loved wear which will give a rich traditional look along with that subtle western vibe as well. They are comfortable to wear and come in a number of styles and designs. 

Styles for this Durga Puja 2023

Style 4:

There are also those days of Durga Puja where we all love to flaunt western wear – and what can be the best here apart from one piece?

Styles for this Durga Puja 2023

The hack here – there are various one-pieces available in the market with Indian sort of prints – you can opt for those if you want to retain that Indo-Western vibe!

Style 5:

Coord sets are the present go-to wear, be it casual wear to a party to puja wear, there are multiple varieties of coord sets which look super elegant and gorgeous – and is a must-try for this Durga Puja.

Hacks and Styles for this Durga Puja 2023

Style 6:

Long skirts never go out of style, isn’t it? An elegant long skirt paired with a nice top and a good set of jewellery is the perfect combo as traditional wear for this Durga puja.

Styles for this Durga Puja 2023

Hack here – don’t get a super heavy skirt – else that will limit your movement to a great extent.

Style 7:

Palazzo with a crop top and a long jacket is the best Western style which gives a nice comfy feel with a gorgeous look. 

The hack here is to try to opt for those sets which have a contrasting colour jacket – giving a grand and gorgeous look and feel.

Style 8:

Dungarees are quite much in fashion these days. It comes in various forms – dungaree dress or dungaree jumpsuit and much more. 

The hack here, denim dungarees are super common these days, so better to opt for a different colour to have uniqueness in style.

Style 9:

Jumpsuits have been much into the trend for the last few years and the jumpsuit fever is still on! With the evolving trend, there are traditional jumpsuits as well which are perfect for the festive season. 

Style 10:

Dashami has to be the Lal-Par Sada Saree and you can actually get various types and styles of blouse which gives a more gorgeous look to the entire attire. 

With all the 10 dressing hacks and styles for this Durga Puja as mentioned above, I’m sure the dressing hassle will get much easier for you this Puja season. So let me know which one you tried and felt was the best.

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