Top 10 Shopping Sites for Durga Puja 2023: Where to Find the Perfect Festive Attire

Bangalis with Durga Puja being just a month away now, we Bangalis have all geared up for the Pujo shopping, isn’t it? For Bengalis, Pujo is an emotion, and yes, we prefer calling it Pujo over Puja, haha! This being our biggest festival whereby culture meets style, it’s the perfect time to check out various places to shop for dresses and plan for all those five days of Pujo. Now, with the hectic schedule the majority of us have, it is always painful to find time post working hours and plan to go shopping. And weekends, oh my God, the rush at shops! Thinking about all of these, I researched a bit and here I am with the top 10 shopping sites for Durga Puja – which will not only be in accordance with your taste but also will blow your mind with the uniqueness and wide range of their collection. I know, a few of us still feel trying out and shopping for dresses are much more convenient than online shopping, but then, all of the sites which I am going talk about has very easy and convenient return and exchange policy – whereby you can smoothly return things which doesn’t meet up to your expectations.

Top 10 Shopping Sites for Durga Puja 2023

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So here you go:


This is one of those brands, which has amazing clothes – for both men and women which are all pure cotton. Such good prints and styles in cottons are rare and Taavi nails at it! Though they do not have an exclusive site of their own, they are widely available on popular e-commerce sites like Myntra/Flipkart. Their colours are vibrant, amazing prints, excellent material – all at a very affordable price!

Price range: INR 400 onwards (approx.)


Exclusively a female clothing online site, which has a beautiful collection of Anarkali. They are super gorgeous, with their unique style and good quality and shine. The price is on a bit higher side, but do give it a try, it's definitely worth it!

Price range: INR 1000 onwards (approx.)


Ethnic dress with a slight modern twist? Here you go! Ranging from lehenga to sarees to kurtis, they have it all – which are not that monotonous ethnic, but rather have a modern twist in it. I personally love their jumpsuits a lot, they are super unique and at the same time have the ethnic touch as well!

Price range: INR 1000 onwards (approx.)

Fable Street

Now, there are some of the days of Durga Puja like Panchami or Saptami where many of us love to wear westerns – and of course, I am not talking of monotonous patterned westerns, rather  

Price range: INR 800 onwards (approx.)


Subtle styles Western clothes hub is this one. Ranging from lacy one-pieces to satin jumpsuits, they have it all. Their skirt range is amazing and even they have super lovely and stylish co-ords as well – which are much in fashion these days.

Price range: INR 700 onwards (approx.)

Nykaa Fashion

Since Nykaa launched their apparel site, I have literally hooked on it. It has Men, Women, and Kids as well as even feeding clothes as well. I personally love their Indian wear section out of which, Shararas are the best! It's super vibrant colour, comfy material and stylish at the same time!

Price range: INR 1000 onwards (approx.)

The Collective

This is an Aditya Birla venture which has clothes for all ages and genders. Again, personally, I love their skirts section, which are unique, stylish, and super versatile. The only problem with this site is that they are a bit heavy on pocket

Price range: INR 3000 onwards (approx.)

Kalki Fashion

This is that site which has amazing festive wear for all kinds of festivities. And, I am sure you would definitely get your suited style from here. Each of their pieces is super unique, not just with respect to style, but also with regard to colour combination and pattern as well.

Price range: INR 1500 onwards (approx.)


This is an exclusive women's site whereby they have westerns – very uniquely styled ones for kids as well as adults. I personally love their kids section – which provides super comfy and yet stylish festive perfect western dress which would surely cater for the needs of kids at your home.

Price range: INR 1000 onwards (approx.)

Global Desi

As the name suggests, they have amazing desi-styled clothes which are super amazing in regard to style and pattern and also come at a quite reasonable price range. They have a really good collection of kurtis and salwars, which would be the perfect one for the Durga Puja!

Now that you know of these top 10 shopping sites for Durga Puja, I hope you will be less stressed about the fact of going out shopping and shopping while sitting at your home and with ease, isn’t it?

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