A Pimple Makes My Life Unpleasant

 My pimple story

Pimple is a common problem of teenagers. No age is immune from the Acne vulgaris. In my case pimple appeared for the first time at the age of 30. Pimple isn’t just for teens. Adults also suffer from pimple just like me. Adult acne is a stubborn beast.

What I saw at my school days

I was quite lucky that I did not have any acne problems at my school days. Throughout high school, my skin was actually pretty good. I always prefer natural skin care which was very simple. I only used a face wash, moisturizer and some homemade face pack. I saw many of my friends who suffered with acne. Usually in our class, many of us used to fight for occupying front beaches. But after appearance of the acne, they prefer to sit in the back benches to hide their faces from teachers and other class mates. Some of them were so depressed and traumatized psychologically that they used to do so many things to get rid of acne. 

What happened with me?

I always had a single pimple on my face instead of having a large number. Just last week I had a big pimple on the tip of my nose and I was incredibly embarrassed to show my face in public. This week pimple came on my Cheeks. 

My experience with pimple

During last Durga Puja, I had a cultural program. One day before of main event suddenly single Pimple appeared on my left check. It was an extremely unpleasant experience. I put lots of makeup on my face to cover-up my pimple. One thing I noticed that when I plan for any program, suddenly a pimple will arise on my face which shocked and depressed me so much that I cannot express. Then I stopped seeing my face in the mirror repeatedly. My husband always says people will be delighted when they will listen you voice, no one will bother about your pimples.

How I am dealing with pimple?

Unfortunately till date I have a pimple on my face. As of now neither I have consulted any dermatologist nor used any drugs. So how can I deal with this single pimple?

Here are some simple tips which I follow: 
1. Drink Plenty of water and fresh fruit juices
2. Stop anabolic steroid and contraceptive pills
3. Never touch and squeeze pimple
4. I used natural face wash there after moisturizer with Aloe-Vera daily.
Try to avoid makeup
6. Mixed with curd and Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) apply on my effected area before going bed and next morning wash with plan water.

What I think today
A simple pimple will never down my confidence though it’s a cruel joke at my adult age.

Message: Almost every Teenager can expect to experience Acne. Parents must support them at the time of need.
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