Beach Essentials For A Winter Escape

last year I went to Goa. I have forgotten to pick up a few things.If you’re thinking of a beach itinerary for your winter escape, you’re in for a treat. But before you leave, make sure you pack these beach essentials. Ready? Here’s the list!


I know You've packed your favorite sunblock, but did you manage to look at its moisturizing properties? You’ll be needing to hydrate your skin while protecting it from the sun and sea, so finding a high-SPF sunblock rich in moisture is your best deal.

You probably won’t be too much bothered about your hair because you’re going to take a lot of dips in the water anyway. Well, think again. The sea-salted water and the tropical sun could do much damage to your mane, and if you leave it unprotected, it may end up dry, brittle and fringy.
What you want to do is to slather a moisture-rich conditioner that will cover ever stand with protection. This, unlike the usual conditioners, does not get washed off in the waves.
Your hair gets sticky because of the water and the humid air. Other than your brush, you need a detangling comb to break away all the unwanted tangles. For girls with longer hair, a comb with bigger teeth space is a must to keep your mane looking gloriously smooth.
How will you get through the long stretches of the beach without getting fully sun-soaked? Wear a floppy hat! It’s a must-have that gives you a classic, feminine beach look. Choose a foldable sun hat; it gives you an easier storage option as it can be tucked away inside your bag.
Your skin is not the only one that’ll need moisture all throughout your stay on the seaside. Think about your lips too; this part of your face has the thinnest skin and leaving it dehydrated will make it cheap and look pale. The best solution? Bring a moisturizing lip balm. Look more glowing with a reddish tint on your puckers; pick variants with cherry or plum shades for a better look.


Of course, who’d forget the sunnies? Your eyes need protection from the sun, and nothing can provide that more than a pair of UV tinted specs with cool, colorful frames. Choose the one that matches your face, your clothing style, and your personality.


You’ll be barefoot along the shore, so you need to show off your toes in the most glamorous manner! Bring your favorite nail polish during your trip: matte, gel or your glittery polish. Also, it helps to pack in your manicure/pedicure kit. You’ll never know when your nail encounters a bad chip or needs to be trimmed.
Hope you enjoyed our winter escape beach essentials.

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  1. De-tangling comb and fold-able hat is something that I forgot. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. De-tangling comb and fold-able hat is something that I forgot. Thanks for sharing :)