Bengali wedding in Delhi (Wedding Day)

Today I am sharing  the last part of my Bengali wedding in Delhi series. It's all about wedding day. For those who are not aware of the Bengali Hindu Wedding Ceremony, here's a short intro - 
The wedding day rituals begin with welcoming the groom.  Mother of bride welcome the groom with baran dala. It is a plate which is first touched to the forehead of the groom. 

After this, the groom is given sweets,  sherbet and water. As he enters the house, flower, rose water is sprinkled over  him. The most important rituals on wedding day are Saat Paak, during which the bride is seated on a wooden plank and lifted by her brothers. Thereafter she is taken around the groom seven times, which signifies their union.The next is the Shubho Drishti ritual, wherein the bride and the groom see each other for the first time. This is followed by Mala Badal ceremony, wherein they exchange garlands.Then Sampradhan ritual where father of the bride, give her away to the groom. After this, the Saptadi ritual takes place.

Now the decoration part of the venue. The wedding ceremony was held at 'park Hotel' in Delhi. The Decor was very beautiful but its not like as a typically Bengali Wedding pandals.  
Do you want to see what I wore that day ? So this is the outfit from the day of wedding functions. I had always thought that I am going to wear Assamese  Mekhela and so I did. My Mekhel was selected by my mom . This Mekhela was bought from Assamese and I absolutely love it. It was so comfortable throughout the day. I did my makeup. Hair style was very common. Did a messy bun with some flowers. My accessories were my kundan set bought from Kolkata, and some simple bangles.  

Anyways here go the pictures that were clicked that day.

Let me know what you think of it.

Mekhela : Local Boutique 
kundan set : Noni, Kolkata
Date : 1/12/2014
Place :  'park Hotel' in Delhi 
P.C :  amitvideovision

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