It was an absolutely beautiful day today! Finally I started morning walk. I am not a so disciplined person to stay fit through regular walks or exercising on my home. Much depends on my mood and I am quite lazy about it. Every time I was thinking to start morning walk. Where My husband has already started. 

This morning was a little different for me. Morning, though, I said to myself that I need to get out because the sun is out and it was a glorious morning! Maybe I felt this way that it's not just a walking its DOT WALKATHON. 

After a long time I wake up early in the morning at 6 am for the sake of fitness.  Then we both (me and my husband) went out for our destination that was Tata Motors Training Centre, KSB Chowk, MIDC, Pimpri. My goal was 5 km walking. Last few days I am suffering from waist pain. So I quit after the 4 km walk. I did not feel bad. I felt happy because I did.  I think it’s better to say that this is (start walking) my New Year regulation. 

Truly I want to thanks DOTA month ago, me and my husband joined DOT Movement. After that we are both now more active in other cultural activities. 

After walk what I feel?

Refreshes mind and body

After the morning walk I inhale the freshness in the atmosphere thus giving some positive energy to my body and mind.

I had camera along with me but I didn't captured any pictures of the nature. After our early morning walk, we had breakfast.  It was pretty quiet considering as mind blowing week start, so relaxing.

Here are my buddies.

A great start that really did make our day!

Are you a regular fitness worker? If not maybe you should give it some attention, or yes share your experience. 

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