10 Best Liquid Matte Lipsticks For Dusky Skin In India

10 Best Liquid Matte Lipsticks For Dusky Skin In India

10 Best Liquid Matte Lipsticks For Dusky Skin In India

I am a huge fan of lipstick. I think lipstick and kajal can give a spark to your dull and boring life or they can do magic even without applying any makeup. I have tried many brands like LAKME, MAC, SMASHBOX, MAYBELLINE, and EuropeGirl Cosmetics Lipstick. I have a very bad habit of licking my lips. I have to work for 6 hrs. So, I always wanted that lipstick that will last long. And voylla!  I found that lipstick. It is Maybelline lipstick. Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick gives a flawless finish in a range of super-pigmented shades. The range has 25+ shades and lasts more thann16 hrs with a light meal. It is waterproof, smudge-proof. To take out this lipstick you have to apply any oil on your lips, then remove with cotton. You have to apply scrubber regularly to exfoliate your skin. Because if your lips are not well exfoliated or if you don't apply balm regularly, it will give you dry chapped lips which may lead to a cracky, lips after putting the lipstick. 

So, as I have a brown Indian skin I have this lip shades from. This range which I bought from Nykaa around Rs 550 in discount. They come in Red, Brown, Nude, Coral, Pink, Brown, Wine shades. So, let's start with the swatches. Here are the   10 shades.

1. 205( assertive) It's a vermillion red color that can be worn at night. suits the medium-fair skin tone.

2. 20 (pioneer) It's a subtle red. It suits all skin tones. Good for dark skin tone. If you want to wear light clothes with minimal makeup, they can be worn during the daytime also.

3. 245 (seeker) It is a nude colour with brown tint in it. Regular wear color. Mainly suits medium to fair skin.

4.  80 (Ruler) pretty wine pink color. It suits every skin.

5.  50 (voyager)  nice brown colour..suits all skin tones.

6. 115 (founder) deep wine color. suits all skin tones.

7. 120 (artist) dark Fuschia pink with mauve hues. Gives a nice spark even on your dull skin.

8. 40 ( believer) Again these colors are quite similar. Actually, I like wine color and I just pick every color whenever I get a new one.

9. 230 (Transformer) deep wine color.

10. 45 (Escapist) The Last one is a dark wine color. It gives dramatic lips. It can be worn only with subtle eye makeup.

So, I want to hear your reviews about these lipsticks.

Author: Sreeparna Roy

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