DIY - How to Make a Cloth Face Mask / Make Fabric Face Mask at Home

 DIY - How to Make a Cloth Face Mask / Make Fabric Face Mask at Home 

Hi, everyone hopes you are doing well. We are spending our lockdown time either doing household chores or sitting idle. At the end of the day, we need to do something innovative. The need of the hour is to use our time wisely. There is a scarcity of protective masks in the market and I personally don’t go out of my home,  unless there is some urgency. Protective masks are selling at a high price, and we should not buy surgical masks as Doctors and health care providers will need them more than us. 

So, I thought of making cloth masks, which may not give as much protection as N95  mask but yes they will give a primary protective layer and they are washable, reusable too. I asked my mom, she gave me two cotton fabric cloths which are actually cut out a piece from a long piece of dress material. Actually, I was using a leftover piece of cloth that was kept as useless things in the laundry bin. 

So, here we go how to make cloth mask at home- 

Things you will need to make the mask

1.Piece of cloth (fabric - cotton)
3.Measuring tape
4.Pencil or chalk to mark
6.Thread and Needle or sewing machine


1. Take a piece of cloth.
2. Cut out the cloth 
Length - 8 cm. Breadth- 7cm. (take 1cm more from both sides, to fold) 
3. Sew all the sides by 1 inch
4. After that mark 1 inch from the breadth, and sew it. Repeat 2 more times.
5. Then sew the edges.
6. Now, take a thin elastic.
7. From the extra cloth, cut a long piece of cloth.
8. Tuck the elastic in that cloth, and sew it.
9. Put the cloth inside the two edges of the cloth and fold it.
10.Sew the edges of the mask and also sew firmly the edges of the ear band
11. Now your mask is ready to wear.

Within 30 minutes I made 3 masks. At first, the finishing may not come perfect but as you will keep on making it, you will get confidence to make it perfect. Include your family members also to make the masks, in this way you all will have fun. If you have plenty of time and cloth pieces you can also donate to the needy.

Share your view, if you have tried making it in your home and if you have other creative hobbies that we also can do, during this lockdown, do share with us.

Stay home, stay safe.

Author Sreeparna Roy
DIY - How to Make a Cloth Face Mask / Make Fabric Face Mask at Home  DIY - How to Make a Cloth Face Mask / Make Fabric Face Mask at Home Reviewed by Anamikadbn on April 24, 2020 Rating: 5

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