Use of Crystals (Rose Quartz) in Feng Shui

Use of Crystals (Rose Quartz) in  Feng Shui

Crystals are widely used in Feng Shui, for the specific energy or the vibrations they bring in our home, workplace or in our life. Their main purpose is used to heal and protect.we can use crystals for decoration also. Amethyst, Jade, Rose quartz are widely used in creating a blissful home and happy life. After reading articles about crystals I was eager to buy one. I decided to buy a one, I finally ordered a Rose quartz heart and Rose quartz angel. I was looking for such a crystal that will heal my heart and bring love and Harmony in life. I ordered one from site and these crystals are also available in Amazon, Flipkart or any brands that sell genuine Feng Shui products.

 About the Crystal

Rose Quartz is a stone that is known for universal love. It restores love, peace, and harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love. It claims to purify and opens the heart to promote self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace.

The color of rose quartz ranges from very light pink to medium-dark pink. It comes in various sizes and shapes. It comes in heart-shaped, stone shaped, angel shaped and the most popular are the rose quartz mandarin ducks.

How to Use

In Feng Shui, one important thing is direction, whatever Feng Shui products you buy, you have to place it in the right direction. Rose quartz crystals should always be placed in the southwest corner of your home or bedroom.

Places to Keep the Crystal

To invoke love, some people also wear this crystal as a pendant.

To stabilize and grow an existing partnership, you can place two rose quartz mandarin ducks in your bedroom.

To improve and heal a broken heart, you can place it under the pillow or mattress at night.

To enhance compassion and heart healing for everyone in the home, you have soaked the crystal in distilled water for 24 hrs and spray the water everywhere in your home from curtains to Bed linen. 

Cleansing and Charging the Crystal

As its work is to heal one person, so after some use you have to charge the crystal as it absorbs all the negative things to heal you.

Wash it under normal tap water. Pat it dry.

Then put it under sunlight for 5 hrs.

The best thing is if you can place it under moonlight ( Full moon or New moon).

I have bought the crystals a few days ago. The cost if the Angel was 999/- and Pendant Heart-shaped was approx 650/-. If you are buying try to buy genuine products, as only genuine products will give good results. I think I have to wait for a few days to get its magic. 

Nothing in this world is magic. And the main thing is that we have to believe that it will work, we have to think positively about its benefits and keep the belief that yes it will work.

I hope that I will get results and will share my experience with it after a few days. 

Written By Sreeparna Roy

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