15 Ideas to Rock The Look as a Bengali Bride!

The so called wedding months are on. It is the time for loads of shopping, getting dates finalized, planning food, and of course, chalking out the wedding look-book! Now talking about wedding fever, Bengali wedding (and of course weddings of most of the cultures), involve a big hassle and lot of work! Bongs are known for their big eyes and nice hair, and undoubtedly so! The wedding fever is on, and here are top 15 looks to finalize in the last minute as to how your look should be, here are some ideas for you. I bet these are not something which are too difficult, rather these are some of those simple yet elegant looks which can best fit your wedding day!

Bipasa Basu Look: 

A simple makeup and hairdo, and an elegant heavy jewellery, and done! The simplest yet the grandest look for your perfect Bengali bride day!

Traditional Bengali Look: 

Saree worn in a way traditionally worn by Bengali women, with light makeup and loosely tied hair.

Mang Tika Look: 

An elegant mang tika goes well with even absolutely no brow makeup!

Loose Hair with Heavy Jewellery: 

Loose hair, with a grand choker and some lengthy necklace, and done!

A Grand Orni or Dupatta: 

A grand orni can actually completely change the game!

Kundan Tika or Tikli: 

Kundan jewellery goes well with any kind of makeup. So even a minimalistic makeup with all kundan sets is a big thumbs up!

Mukut and a Small Mang Tika: 

A cute and small mukut, as Bengalis call it, with a simple tika gives that glam!

Beaded Tika: 

A beaded tika will act as a great accessory to get along with your simple makeup and hairdo!

White Topor: 

That signature look of Bengalis, simple yet glam!

Hair Bun Covered with White Flower:  

This hairdo is simple yet gorgeous and easy to do!

Aath Poure Saree Look: 

That authentic bong look, with a big bun and traditional style jewellery, and you are good for the day!

Puff Sleeve Blouse: 

A grand blouse with puff sleeve and a medium to plain saree and grand earrings, what else?

Indo Western Touch: 

A grand saree converted into lehenga style dupatta with a plain but gorgeous blouse and heavy neckpiece, that’s all!

Contrasting Colour Saree-Blouse: 

Contrasts are always there to get the whole attention! A gorgeous saree and a contrasting colour blouse is the best combo ever!

Wavy Hairstyle: 

A wavy hairstyle is in trend and goes well with any kind of dress or makeup to give that glam look!

Though a traditional Bengali bridal looks potrays a a beautiful red Banarasi saree, alta on the hands and feet, mathapatti, necklaces, mukut and red and white bangles with gold, the above-mentioned looks are no way less than that! Being a bit unconventional is the trend now, isn’t it?

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