Things to do to Keep Covid’19 Stress at Bay

Just when we all had thought that things are almost returning to normalcy, and the world would be same as before, and we can move around without masks, the second wave of Covid hit us. The second ways is more widespread and traumatic than any one of us had even imagined to be. The virulency of the virus is more dangerous, its affecting people at really bad level and even if we are able to keep the virus at bay form us, the stress level is tsunamic! Plus, there is work from home, no house helps, being locked up inside home, every thing is adding up to a massive amount of mental trauma for all of us. 

Now, we really don’t know when this is going to end, only thing we know is that we need to take care of our physical as well as mental health in this difficult time. During normal times, there are numerous ways to take care of mental health, but what now? What when you get to know such huge number of people getting affected of this cruel virus? 

Let us together find out what all you can do at this time, which are very reasonable to do, as well as will help you keep your mental health in place. Here I have shortlisted 5 such things, which I, personally have been following at this time which helps keep me sane and would suggest you all the same too:

Keep yourself away from the Daily Covid News:  

The more you consume the news about the rate of affected people or people who are succumbing to this virus, more it will merely make you anxious about the current scenario. No, I am not asking you to shut yourself from the outside world affairs, I am just asking you to consume only as much as required. The daily dose of death and affected people and the widespread-ness is not going to help you put up with the current scenario right? Plus, have you ever imagined, the negativities are more focused in those news channels than the rate of recovery, which leave you more depressed and does no good. So, take the call right now!

Keep a Separate ‘Me Time’: 

How much every busy you are, make a time slot available for yourself to get completely disconnected with everything and just do what you enjoy doing. It can be selfcare, makeup, eat your favorite food, or cook, or gardening, or skincare, whatever, but keep that slot available, maybe just one hour? Trust me that makes a huge difference!

Get Connected:

Remember that friend who was super close to you, but you have now gradually lost connection with? This is the right time to get connected! Or that cousin whose company you enjoyed the most? This is the best time to catch you with such lost connections and remember those good old days to get that mental peace!

Classify Things based on Priority:

You are a working professional? Or a home maker? In both the cases, it is always important to make a to-do list. like, maybe you need to arrange for breakfast on priority basis, cleaning the floor can come later. Likewise, prioritize things based on its urgency and see things will become smooth and wont be super hectic!

Some Online Sessions:

Now that we aren’t able to go for that Zumba or Yoga classes, many of the trainers have started giving instructions online. Follow one such, in whichever field you find interest into and enroll into that, this will keep you fit physically as well as mentally!

Of course, in addition to that, please ensure you follow all the covid protocols in case you need to step out form home anytime! Lets fight this together with utmost selfcare and perseverance! 

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