Blogging as a career option in 2021: Eligibility Requirements / Tips / Scope

Last two years 2020 and 2021 had been really tough on most of us. The pandemic has been a complete game-changer in our lives, so many have lost their near and dear ones, many have suffered financially and so many have even lost their life. Just when the world was going (and is still going) through crazy times, have you noticed there is this one thing that has seen a steady, rather a steep growth over this time period? It is nothing but blogging! Yes, you heard me right, it is blogging which has grown rapidly over these years and has actually become a career option for many, just to emphasize, many people out there have started to pursue blogging as their full-time career option. 

So how is it that you can also start blogging and eventually make it a career option? So let's go one by one:

What are the eligibility requirements in blogging? 

Nothing, trust me, it is absolutely dependent on your knack. To make blogging a career option in 2021, you just need to have a knack for writing or some ways of delivering your thoughts or experiences to the audience! That is all about the requirement.  Now there are multiple ways of blogging on multiple platforms, but even before diving deep into that, the foremost important thing is that you have to understand your niche. 

So now, it boiled down to the fact that how would you understand or figure out your niche? It is simple. Do you love traveling and keep planning for it and also eventually you love discussing the travel experiences with all? It hints at the fact that travel blogging is the option for you. Or maybe you love eating out? Tasting food from different places in your part of your everyday routine? Then maybe you can try to explore flood blogging, rather than food reviewing as a blogging path. Likewise, the first thing you need to jot down is your area of interest. It might even be technical content, but something which you are really passionate about.

Now how to go about it?

Now in this era of 2021, there are two ways of delivering blogs: delivering via video or writing it into words. Now, if you are the one who isn’t camera shy and can establish eye contact with the audience well, the best way for you is to do blogging via videos. For videos, you again have multiple options:

Open your own youtube channel, make videos and start putting relevant content: now if you are consistent and your content is well accepted by the audience, your subscribers will increase, and eventually, when you fulfill youtube policy you will be able to monetize your videos and make money out of it,

Microblogging is another option for you: you can start putting videos on social media like Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, and eventually, when found relevant, you will get noticed by brands and then Bingo! You will start eventually collaborating with brands and make money out of it.

Again, let’s say you love to write and express your thoughts in words. Then the best option for you is to create your own website.  You can start writing blogs on your niche and promoting them on social media. Further, again microblogging options are open for creative writers also. Further, if you know how to aesthetically present things, microblogging is open for photography skills too! Isn’t that a great career option?

Let me give you some of the tips for blogging: 

So here are some ground rules when you want to start blogging:

Be original: get it very straight that there is always full scope of growth when you have original content and that is the first and foremost thing that will help make blogging your career option in 2021,

Deliver it straight: you have to ensure that at the end of the day you deliver clearly to the audience what you want to exactly deliver. Crisp and clear delivery of your point is what makes you stand out of the crowd,

Try to tap your audience and focus more specifically on the topics of interest and try developing content in those areas, remember, you will grow only when the audience feels your content is useful for them and 

Lastly, remember, these days aesthetics play a major role. Try to keep your aesthetics (may it be your video/photograph background or the captions you put, all should be clear, well defined, and not clumsy.

What are your scopes in blogging?

If you do really do well in the blogging aspect, opportunities are like a vast ocean. The majority of the big brands these days hire social media managers or content writers and the pay package is well at per with any their full-time profession. Even if you are the one who doesn’t want to join some company, self-blogging also can fetch you a good sum if your content is really worth it. If your content is influenced worthy, brands will approach you to work for them and you get noticed and grow! But let me tell you a very hard truth here, you can not be a popular blogger or influencer overnight. Patience is the key. Patience and originality when tied together, can make you.

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