Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera and Its Benefits

Aloe vera gel is probably one of those things which are most widely used as a skincare ingredient. Ranging from skin brightening to treating sunburns, this wonder does it all. This plant-based gel component is something that has to be judicially used. In this article, I will take you through all the ways to use aloe vera gel and also specific ways in which you can actually use the actual get from the plant. Of course, there are n-number of aloe vera gel available out there in the market and trust me, they all claim that they are pure. But the, for that also, I will guide you, ho to actually identify whether it is pure or not in reality. 

So let us start one by one and get a holistic view of everything that you need to know about aloe vera gel.

What are the ways to use aloe vera gel?

As mentioned already, this is one of those miracle ingredients which can be used everywhere, every time, in every possible way. Wondering how?

Use aloe vera gel as a primer-this act as an excellent primer for oily to combination skin types as it controls the oil also to a great extent,

Skin brightening-aloe vera mixed with a pinch of wild turmeric powder does a really good job of giving you that instant face brightness. 

DIYs for hair-if you have itchy scaly, aloe vera can be applied directly and it will result in the reduction of the irritation due to its cooling effect.

Sun burn-scorchy summer? Use aloe vera cubes and rub on your face for some time, help a lot in soothing sunburns, and also take care of tanning to a good level.

As a moisturizer-juts plain and simple aloe vera gel acts as a good moisturizer for oily to combination skin types. Might be a little too drying for dry skin type though!

How to identify pure store-bought aloe vera gel?

Please don’t be fooled by those false claims and advertisement gimmicks about one aloe vera gel being 100% pure and blah blah. Do follow these rules or rather tips when you buy aloe vera gel the next time:

Should not have any added color-remember, those green aloe vera gels out there are never pure!

No added fragrance-if you are tolerant to fragrance, that is fine, but then avoiding that is like avoiding one add-on chemical!

Prefer aloe vera gel without any other additives-there are so many brands that market aloe-cucumber or aloe-peppermint gel and much more. Try to avoid those, the pure lone aloe vera gel is the best ever!

How can you judiciously use the aloe vera gel from the plant?

If you are the one who has access to an aloe plant at home, nothing can be better than that. Darling, you are privileged! Lol! But the, wait, there are some of the things to take care of when you use the aloe gel directly from the plant. 

Aloe vera leaves have thorns, so the first step is to cut those off. Now break the leaf in half and you will see a yellow juicy kind of thing flowing out. That is something which is a must to discard, as, if that stays, can cause skin irritation and more damage than good. Now you extract the pulp if you want to store, store in the refrigerator. If you need to store over a week or so, add some drops of apple cider vinegar which acts as a preservative too! Tadaa!! Your homemade aloe gel is there ready for you!

Some of my favorite aloe vera gels from the market:

VILVAH Aloe Vera Gel - 100% Pure & Cold Pressed

VILVAH 100% Pure & Cold Pressed Aloe vera Gel is formulated using the cold stabilization method. This gives you premium quality aloe vera gel made with a patented method of manufacturing that keeps the nutrients intact. This multi-purpose aloe vera gel has a multitude of benefits as a skin moisturizer, it prevents acne, softens hair, and promotes glowing skin.

  • Vilvah organic aloe vera gel adds moisture to the skin by hydrating dull and dry skin
  • For oily and acne-prone skin, aloe vera is a great moisturizer with its light texture and water content
  • Aloe vera with its cooling properties, soothes irritated skin caused due to sunburn, acne, redness, rash, skin infection
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties may reduce inflammation that can lead to scalp irritation
  • This gel can be used as a leave-in conditioner, a styling gel, or a hair mask
  • Can also be applied as a mask or moisturizer to prevent sun damage
  • Helps remove pesky acne scars and blemishes that acne leaves behind
  • Fights effectively against acne and reduce dark spots
  • Removes dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

Earth Rhythm Aloe vera gel

With an impressive 100% concentration of Aloe Vera Juice to support skin regeneration, ease irritation and soothe your skin. It helps to calm inflammation and protect sensitive cell membranes against free radicals.

  • The gel thoroughly hydrates skin while keeping it healthy and glowing. 
  • Aloe vera soothes skin, aiding in itch and irritation caused by rashes, shaving, or sunburn. 
  • Aloe vera with its cooling properties, soothes irritated skin caused due to sunburn, acne, redness, rash, skin infection

Plum Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe gel - the ultimate multi tasker If you were looking for that one multitasking hero that can work wonders for both your skin and hair. This product soothing aloe gel that can be used for pretty much all your skin and hair needs. From a mask, to a pre-moisturizer hydrator for your skin, and from a conditioner to a setting gel for your hair - this gel can really do it all!

  • Soothe your skin with this super Aloe Gel that calms your skin leaving a cooling sensation that lasts longer
  • Apply on freshly cleansed skin or hair to soothe, condition, hydrate & nourish.
  • It works as a great light natural styler for hair or primer under your makeup!

Let me know whether you find my tips and tricks useful!

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