Avni Ezeepad Pack of 12 Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads with Paper Disposal Bags and Storage Pouch, For heavy flow (XL) Review

Avni Ezeepad

Avni Ezeepad Pack of 12 Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads 

For a long time, I have been using big brands’ pads. Recently I tried these Sanitary Pads from Ezeepad and it was a totally different experience. Ezeepad was developed to tackle the growing concern of pad rashes, chaffing, irritation among women. We make sure that only Soft Cotton touches your skin.

Ezeepad is a high-performance menstrual pad made up of 100% organic cotton. The 7 layers of protection are ultra-absorbent, leakproof, and breathable. We do not allow any plastic, perfumes, chlorines, dioxins, and toxic chemicals to touch you nor the sanitation worker who handles your disposed pads.

PROJECT RED DOT – Handling sanitary waste with bare hands exposes the sanitation workers to deadly infections. We print a Red Dot on our disposal bags to indicate the workers of sanitary waste inside so that they do not have to open it.

The comfort of cotton, the dry feel throughout the day and super absorbent power is mind-blowing. Sleeping during this now really has become free of discomfort. It's totally worth the price. And I really liked it and one important thing I have to mention is that it has no chemical fragrance.

 About this item

  • One pack contains 12 pads made of non-woven cotton with an ultra-absorbent core
  • Only cotton touches the skin – Rash-free and Irritation-free, Wider back for better coverage and no leaks
  • 7 layers of protection with a breathable bottom layer
  • Smart disposal – Each pad comes in a disposal bag made of leak-proof recycled paper and printed red dot
  • Comes in 3 variants each in pack of 12 pads – 240MM (Regular, low flow), 280MM (Large, medium flow) & 330MM (XL, Heavy flow) and a combination of L+XL (280mm + 330mm)

All in all, they are premium quality pads at an affordable price. The disposal bags are very useful and give you a guilt-free feeling! Worth giving a shot!

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