Review ll Greenberry Organics Pure Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E and Liquorice for Skin Brightening and filming, for Face Body Hair and Beard



Aloe vera has so many unlimited benefits including health, skincare, and haircare. This pure aloe vera gel from Greenberry organics can be used for your skincare by directly applying or in face masks as well in haircare by applying directly or in hair masks.

Greenberry Organics Pure Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E

It is a gentle and pure aloe vera formula meant for everyday use and is so light and non-sticky that you can use it throughout the day without feeling sticky or oily. It Contains premium quality naturally and organically sourced aloe vera juice only. This is an organic and natural aloe vera.

You can also apply before or after makeup, day or night! This Aloe Vera is perfect for any time and every time hydration and moisturization. Maintains the pH balance of the skin. Doesn’t clog the pores too. Can be applied 5 to 6 times a day.

It Contains a completely natural green tea fragrance derived from green tea oil. This is an organic and natural aloe vera. I love using aloe vera gel to keep my body moisturized and also use it to prime my face before my makeup.


Brightens Skin

Reveal that glowing skin every day as it helps reduce the dark spots, suntan, pigmentation, and acne scars from the skin making it bright and radiant.

Intense Moisturisation

Enriched with natural hydration and moisturizers, it intensely moisturizes and hydrates to help relieve the tension of the skin caused due to exposure to pollutants and sun.

Improves Texture

Helps in reducing skin texture and promoting skin healing to make it soft, smooth, and supple.


Soothing Aloe Vera

This excellent hydrator helps soothe skin and treats acne. It helps hydrate skin and brightens it.

Brightening Licorice Extracts

Great for treating discoloration and pigmentation issues and helps lighten the skin.

Skin Protector – Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has antioxidant powers that help in nourishing and repairing skin from UV damage and free radicals.

Greenberry Organics are traditionally made from Ayurveda recipes which have been improved remarkably over a considerable period of time to co-exist with the modern-day demands on increasing skin issues.

I love using aloe vera gel to keep my body, skin moisturized and also use to prime my face before my makeup. This product exactly looks like it’s directly from the aloe vera plant. Also, have an amazing smell which makes it easier to apply. And yes if you have dry and frizzy hair then you should definitely use this gel.

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