Buy Christmas and New Year Chocolates Online and Celebrate

I am sure the kids and even the youngsters at your home have already started demanding or rather, expecting chocolates from you like Christmas and New Year is just approaching, isn’t it?

Now, those same monotonous chocolates from those super familiar brands are something which is out of the trend you know! And that’s when I started exploring options of chocolates from some new or upcoming brands, which are new, yet promising! As Linda Grayson rightly said “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate”, I got chocolate gifted by one of my dear friends from this brand called Bee Tee’s melt. And trust me, the gift came at the right time and my exploration journey to find the right, yet ‘thods hatke’ chocolates for my kids just ended there! 

Something which really impressed me about the chocolates from this brand is that their chocolates have absolutely no artificial sweetener, which becomes one of my biggest concerns when I plan to get chocolates as a gift. Now when I started discovering more about this brand, I was even more impressed by the range of products that they have. Starting from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, they also have chocolate spreads, pistachio spread, and even much more! Their pure, artisan chocolates are made from scratch and with pure ingredients which have no added artificial color too! 

What I really liked and also admired about this brand is their beautiful yet quirky packaging, which gives it really an aesthetic look, and yet is something which would be happily accepted by kids. Of course, when I emphasize kids, a little chocolate for adults also won’t hurt!

India is a place where we see the market is dominated by very few and a handful of chocolate brands, and at the same time when I see brands like this, Bee Tee’s melt which are making amazingly incredible products at a very affordable price, it gives me immense satisfaction! Do you know what is more satisfying to know? This brand is conceived by a women entrepreneur which started at the age of just 21! How amazing is that!? Further, have you ever looked at the ingredient list of the chocolates from those well-known brands in the market? If not, do it next time and then you would get to know how much artificial sweetener and preservatives they use! In Bee Tee’s melt, they believe in the usage of 0% of artificial ingredients and the sweetness they arrive at is by the usage of palm sugar or coconut sugar or even coconut milk, isn’t that really appealing?

The brand originated in Chennai, but they do deliver pan India and it is also available on Amazon/Flipkart. Further, if you buy directly from their website, you get free shipping on purchases above Rs. 599/-.

Ok, let me tell you something more to it, all the chocolates from this brand are soy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free. Hence, you can consume them being guilt-free!

Now, if you are residing in the parts of the country which doesn’t really have cold winters, do not worry about the fact of these chocolates being melted by the time your order arrives! They package the chocolates with a coolant pouch which leaves it intact and as it is! Doesn’t this sound so promising? Honestly, I am super impressed by the quality, taste as well as packaging, do give it a try and I am sure that is gonna be a great Christmas and New Year gift this time!

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