Trending Fashion Ideas 2023

Fashion is an ever-changing game. With the world moving really fast, fashion just gets evolved and changes in the blink of an eye these days. Ranging from colour to pattern everything gets changed and evolved with time. As we have noticed, even though a part of 2022 was spent in the pandemic, still there was an evolution in dress ranging from boyfriend jeans to sharara. 

Before you feel there is a need for your wardrobe revamp, I am gonna help you with some trending fashion ideas which are gonna be very much in trend in the upcoming year. And in this post, it's not just dressed, I’m gonna talk about various patterns, colours, and make-up styles which are gonna come in handy for you in the upcoming year and thus, you can plan your shopping accordingly.

Some of the Trending Colours for the Upcoming Year: 

Those bright, yet subtle colours which were almost lost are back on trend now! COVID has taught us that old is gold. Thus the colours which are biggest on trend are: 

  • Lilac: sweet yet bold is what lilac stands for and this is well on trend now and for the coming days too! 
  • Pink: subtle pink or even that bright pink, both are back on trend now and pink is one of the best colours which can be camouflaged well.
  • Maroon: It is that colour which has multiple shades of it ranging from – chocolate brown to brick maroon and can go well with any and every light-shaded top/bottom wear.
  • Pastels: leaning towards pastels is a trend which was noticed during this year and it's likely to last for the upcoming year too.

Trending Make-up Styles:

  • Bold but beautiful: once the offices started reopening, people started plunging upon the makeup gap that they had faced over the last years due to COVID. Thus, a bold look also is very much on trend now.
  • No makeup-makeup look: with the work-from-home setting even now on in various pockets of the world, the work-from-home look is pretty much a no-makeup-makeup look.
  • Winged eyeliner: this is something which we got back from our 90s and is well grasped in the present time and is gonna be in trend for some time now!

Outfits for the upcoming year:

  • Floral bottoms: ranging from floral palazzo to floral skirts, floral print has come back pretty much in trend now. A floral bottom with a solid contrasting colour top is a good go-to trending wear now.
  • Long jacket: may it be with a saree as a replacement for a blouse to being a replacement for a top over jeans, various patterns/even printed long jackets are well scattered in the market now.
  • Ruffles: ruffle one piece to ruffle skirt, it is coming back on trend gradually now. 
  • Stripes: may it be a symmetrical stripe or asymmetrical stripe, stripes were never out of fashion. It is that one pattern which is universally accepted and will continue to be on trend now and forever. 
  • Denim: denim is that lost trend which is again back with a revamp. Be it a denim shirt or top to a denim one piece or skirt, it becomes that versatile thing which can be used as party wear as well as formal.

Now that you have a fair idea about the upcoming trends, hope this will help you with planning the wardrobe revamp in the upcoming year, isn’t it?

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